PET SEMATARY Remake A Little Farther Off But In Capable Hands

We’re really lucky to have Stephen King. The man’s work has sparked unbridled creativity in everyone who connects with his writing, and in 2017, a year so desperately needing something to raise our spirits, we got to see King come back in a strong way at the movies. IT became a box office sensation, surprising the world, while on the small screen his long gestating adaptation of Gerald’s Game was released and we got word of a KingLand anthology show for Hulu, Castle Rock. Everything’s coming up King!

And the news keeps rolling in! We previously reported that Starry Eyes filmmakers Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer would be taking over the reigns to a new adaptation of the beloved novel Pet Sematary and now we have a release date: April 19th, 2019!

It’s a long ways a way, for sure, but this will give the duo ample time to give this story the attention it deserves. It is ever befuddling to me that Pet Sematary, a novel that was too bleak by even King’s hardened demeanor, became the primary gateway novel for young readers into his world. I remember only being in sixth grade reading scenes that my parents would have shielded me from if it was a film (“Read the book first, THEN you can see the movie!”). And while Mary Lambert did an admirable job with the first adaptation in 1988, as the film ages, the stakes depreciate. But with a modern retelling, especially how masterfully Widmyer/Kolsch play with the mise en scene, the story could be absolutely devastating again. Plus, Aunt Zelda is probably going to be SCARY AF.

Keep your dials tuned here as more news from KingLand rolls in!