Ghastly Grinning Proudly Presents Wicked Women: Scary Shorts by Fierce Females

Short films need attention too, so I figured why not start showcasing some. If you know me, you know I am constantly looking for horror films directed by women to watch and let people know of. Being that I feel short films need more credit, I figured why not combine the two and start discussing short horror films directed by women. Here are 5 short films that deserve some attention! Happy Women in Horror Month! (But let’s celebrate women in horror all the time!)

Monster (2005) dir. Jennifer Kent

In short, Monster is was started Kent’s full length The Babadook (2014). They have the same premise of a monster haunting the child in the house but the mother having a monster figuratively and possibly literally ‘hiding in the closet’. Interestingly enough, Monster feels more concise and to the point which mainly be due to its nearly 10 minute runtime. The end result is a grainy black and white short that feels like an old classic gothic horror that dives into darkness and terror.

The Guest (2013) dir. Jovanka Vuckovic

Five minutes is all it takes for Jovanka Vuckovic to send chills up your spine. In this gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing short film, a man made a suspicious bargain and has to deal with his inner demons as consequence. At what cost will it take until the man loses it all? There are a couple ways I feel that one can interpret this short film, but there is no denying that it’s quite horrific and beautiful.

Possibly in Michigan (1983) dir. Cecelia Condit

Probably the most 80’s thing I’ve seen in awhile. Possibly in Michigan has a very playful and robotic tone to it, but behind that tone is a cannibal chasing two girls from a mall to their homes. Not only that, but the script is dark and so is some of the imagery. It’s beyond creepy watching a man stalk a woman and telling her that he is going to cut her up in the name of love, but oh how the tables may turn…

The Dump (2012) dir. Rebekah McKendry

Two serial killers are about to dispose the bodies of their victims. They don’t know each other but dump into one another in a desolate area. After the two styles of killers sit down for a little pow-wow, they discuss and breakdown the tropes of serial killers and seemingly become best friends after this. This comedy horror short is definitely going to make you laugh, especially if you are familiar with all the tropes discussed. The Dump is hilarious!

Angie + Zahra (2015) dir. Yulin Kuang

We tend to get oversaturated with zombies anymore, but Angie + Zahra is a fun installation into the zombie genre. Two best friends who love the color pink, sleepovers, 80’s music, Lisa Frank, and bedazzled weapons take up shelter in a home of a deceased man during a zombie apocalypse. During an argument the two have over a boy, zombie’s plow through the front door attacking the girls. They fight for themselves until their issue is resolved and pair up to be a team again. Think Shaun of the Dead but with kickass leading women. Angie + Zahra is super cute bubbly fun!

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