MY NEIGHBORS ARE DEAD is a meta, delightful look at horror legends

"Meta" has been tackled on most fronts. Scream, Cabin in the Woods, and numerous other films have taken a stab at looking horror through a different lens, and even Scream Queens on FOX did it's best to emulate that same success. Now, you can get a weekly dose of auditory hysterical meta commentary on horror movies far and wide with the My Neighbors Are Dead podcast. 

My Neighbors Are Dead is a comedic look at iconic horror films as host Adam Peacock interviews characters that "exist" in the periphery of famous films such as ranging from j-horror remake The Ring to action filled fragfest Predator to b-level schlock affair Jack Frost

The show is really everything great about comedy. Peacock plays an excellent straight man, although his occasional slips of muffled laughter will most likely cause raucous laughs on your end, and the slew of comedians coming through improvising as these ancillary characters must be applauded for their quick wittedness and quirky insight. Who would have ever thought that the Zenith television sales representative would have to come out and make a comment about the televisions that Samara has haunted. Another episode has the listener discover that Doctor Loomis of Halloween fame has more patients than just Michael Meyers and they feel neglected.

Adam Peacock and Nathan DuFort, the host and producer respectively, are the creative force behind this genius idea and the love of horror is evident but so is their passion for comedy. Most episodes are on the shorter side, running right around fifteen minutes, which makes it the perfect size for a car ride, workout, or break at work. With thirty eight episodes under their belt, it's fantastically binge-worthy. You can find the show through itunes, Stitcher, Google Play and Spotify and if you love it as much as we do, you can support the crew through their Patreon. They also have some nifty shirts over on their Threadless

This is one show that will have you laughing out loud while reminiscing about the movies you love. It's a must.