BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER is Set to Empower a New Generation of Kids

In times like these, and with everything that goes on in the world, we sometimes need to escape reality to get a chance to breathe and to restore the energy we need to make it through another day without ending up like angry and miserable human beings. Whether it´s by putting on our swimwear and diving head first into Crystal Lake, by bury our faces in the latest Stephen King novel, or by taking a trip back to the ‘80s while binge-watching Stranger Things, the power of storytelling cannot be denied—not only as escapism, but also as a source of empowerment. With a generation of kids today, especially girls, who grow up in a society where one’s amount of followers and “likes” on social media is of importance, and where bullying, sexism, and racism is an everyday thing, that empowering escapism can be a lifesaver.

And who would be more suited for that job than our favorite Sunnydale vampire slayer and feminist icon Buffy Summers? A strong, independent and ass-kicking young woman who staked her way into our hearts back in 1997 and refused to let go until 2003 when the show ended. A few years later Dark Horse Comics started to publish a continuation of the storyline in the form of a comic book series, and now our heroine is about to be introduced to a new generation.

Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly broke the news that Buffy is being brought back to life in a book series targeted at middle-graders. The new series of books, written by cartoonist Carolyn Nowak, has been acquired by publishing company Little, Brown Books for Young Readers in association with 20th Century Consumer Products with the plan to release the first book, New School Nightmare, in September 2018.

“Nowak’s series will maintain the original WB series’ themes of empowerment and independence. The fun, innovatively assembled books will be told through comics, journal entries, class notes, doodles, text messages, and other in-world artifacts as Buffy is revived for new young audiences and older, longtime fans of the character.”

So it looks like we might have a new generation of Buffy fans coming in a near future. A generation of fans that maybe will discover the TV show, the comic books, the movie, and even the horror genre, through these books. Hell, we might even have a future Ghastly Grinning writer out there.

And what is most important, hopefully, it´ll give someone, somewhere, the strength and the courage they need to stand their ground and to fight back. Because life in the real world is a lot rougher than life in Sunnydale.

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