Tracy Oliver and music wunderkind Pharrell Williams working on horror film

If you don't know the name Tracy Oliver, you will soon. The young rising star is a writer, producer and actor who has made in roads in Hollywood in the last two years to be an important name in the industry. She has already helped write numerous critically acclaimed shows (Starz Survivor's Remorse, Amazon's The Neighbors) and has written two commercially successful movies in back to back years with Barbershop: The Next Cut and 2017's sleeper hit Girl's Trip.

Oliver is a bold new voice with a clear statement: "White characters are seen as more universal, and that's got to change." In a fantastically written essay for Cosmo Magazine, Oliver detailed how she has spent years in the business justifying why she writes black characters and that she won't be making that defense anymore for one simple reason: she shouldn't need to.

She's exciting and energetic and now genre fans are lucky enough to look forward to a horror project with her at the helm. Also attached to produce is musical everyman Pharrell Williams, the brainchild of hit acts N.E.R.D., architect of producing sensations The Neptunes and unknowingly to most the man who helped Dope get made. If you have yet to see Dope, remedy that immediately. 

The two have partnered up to bring young adult horror novel Survive the Night to the big screen, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The book tells the story of four college women who become trapped in an underground warehouse during a party on Halloween. They soon find themselves fighting for their lives as a killer starts to chase them down. It's been indicated that music will play as a heavy theme of the film as well as female empowerment. 

These are two exciting names to be attached to such a fun project and Ghastly Grinning will keep you updated as things continue on the project.