It's a Papa Bear Knuckle Brawl in the New Trailer for ASH VS EVIL DEAD

“Shits about to get fuuuuucked up. More so than usual.”

Starz dropped us a Halloween treat today in the form of the season 3 trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell is back as deadite ass kicker Ash Williams, and now he has to face the toughest obstacle yet: FATHERHOOD!?

If it sounds like the punchline to a tired TV trope, it is, but that necessarily isn’t a bad thing. The trailer delivers on the same amount of bloody viscera we’ve come to expect from the Evil Dead franchise and this season is set to continue to deliver the goods!

And honestly, that’s what makes Ash Vs. Evil Dead such a special little show. We like to analyze and take in a lot about our own society through television and film—in 2017 especially—but I think we all deserve to have a little familiarity and fun in our entertainment that may remind us more of Perfect Strangers and My Two Dads than the brooding darkness of American Horror Story. The show isn’t frightening, frankly it’s great for older kids that can stomach the gore, but it ultimately is light, fun, pizza party popcorn entertainment! Hell, I say send him back to school next time or have him coach a kids little league soccer team, or really any job that Rodney Dangerfield held in a movie! Evil Dead isn’t a story that needs cold hard facts and fan theories about its mythos or mysteries: we just want Ash and company kicking deadite ass.

And this series is that, 30 minutes a week, for 10 weeks starting February 25th 9 PM ET/PT, only on Starz.

I also want to mention that this show has been pushed around on Starz schedule for some time now, only giving us an official look and date today. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the show is in trouble of not being renewed after this season, since clearly the move was a right one to distance itself from the glut of horror shows that are flooding the market this month, but it could be indicative of a pattern in the future for the show. My call to action is if you like this show and want to keep it on the air, or if you just want to help promote original horror television programming, try to catch Ash vs Evil Dead early when it’s released. You can sign up for StarzPlay for only $8.99 a month or Starz can be added onto any Amazon Prime account for only $10 a month (with a 7 day free trial). And remember: you can cancel your subscription at any time. Or buy the episodes as they come up on iTunes if thats more your style. We gotta keep supporting this type of content financially if we want to keep seeing this type of content in the future.