Do We Have a Release Date for VICTOR CROWLEY?

Sometimes things slip through the cracks! Like Ted Danson's cardboard cut out, once left in the background of a scene in Three Men and a Baby, turned into decades-long urban legend of a little boy ghost trapped in the movie. It’s all a lot of fun, and yet so painfully clearly Danson in a top hat and coattails. We all laughed.

Well something popped up, this time from the Raven Banner Entertainment Instagram page on a cardboard cut out of the man himself Victor Crowley with a fun cut out where you can place your head so it appears VC has your severed head. It’s rad.

But below that is where things get juicy, we get “Hatchet is Back”, and then a date: 2.6.18. This is the most official release date that we’ve heard so far, be that for Blu, VOD, or some wider theatrical, so I would say this means we will hear an official announcement soon.

But whatevs, this is incredibly exciting! I personally can’t wait to check the film out again (you can read my thoughts over here), and I hope that fans can watch it with an audience. But either way, everyone, very soon, grab a group of friends and order some pizza because you’re about to have some fun!