Netflix Continues to Acquire Original Genre Content with PSYCHOKINESIS

Variety broke the news that Netflix has picked up Psychokinesis, the next film by Train to Busan director, Yeon Sang-Ho. The film, which tells the story of a father with superpowers who sets out to save his daughter when she finds her in a spot of bother, marks the latest acquisition from Netflix’s globetrotting expedition to find fresh content as it continues to focus on expanding its library with exclusive releases going forward. World domination is in the works, I tell you.

The movie, which will be released theatrically in South Korea first next year, is expected to make its Netflix debut shortly after. The film also marks the streaming monster’s latest genre acquisition from the East. Earlier this year it was announced that Godzilla’s first feature foray into animated territory, Monster Planet, will also be released in Japan this month and globally sometime next year. It’s an exciting time to be alive, especially if you plan to spend all of your free time watching movies like I do.

With Disney and Apple planning their own streaming services, Netflix is preparing for a new era of self-sustainability and big competition. Earlier this year, it unveiled plans to release 80 Original films in 2018, and while we don’t know what all of those will be yet, we do know some of their upcoming releases in the near future pertain to the darker side of entertainment we fully endorse here at Ghastly Grinning.

Up first we have Bright, which is set to premiere next month. Directed by David Ayer, the film stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as a pair of cops in a modern fantasy setting. Details of the plot have been kept under wraps, but we know that one of the cops is an orc and the world the story is set in features all kinds of mythical creatures. I like to imagine it as a big budget version of the forgotten TV show Special Unit 2, which combined the police procedural with action and comedy in a city populated with leprechauns, sandmen, vampires, and other beautiful beasts.

One of the most exciting projects in the works is Jeremy Saulnier and Macon Blair’s adaptation of William Giraldi’s novel Hold the Dark. The story is set in a village where the local children are being taken by wolves, but there’s a lot more to it than a few wild dogs stealing some brats from their homes—mythical even. They had me at Saulnier and Blair alone, but this movie promises to offer plenty of taut thrillers and blood-letting.

Cargo, meanwhile, is a post-apocalyptic drama starring Martin Freeman as an infected father who has 48 hours to find a new home for his baby daughter before he turns into a zombie. By no means does this sound like your typical zombie fare, but considering we’ve had plenty of movies like that before, I’m excited to see what this one brings to the table.

Who knows what else is in store? We'll certainly keep you posted whenever something crops up we feel excited about. Hopefully there will be some more horror titles among the 80 movies they have planned. And while their movies tend to be very hit or miss, I think Netflix as an entity is good for cinema as they let filmmakers do their own thing without interference. The Coen Brothers and Martin Scorsese are prime examples of the big name auteurs who’ve made the jump to the streaming giant. No doubt some of our beloved genre masters will follow suit and deliver some real gems down the line as well. 

Kieran Fisher