Prey for the Day! THE STRANGERS 2 Trailer Drops

I remember watching The Strangers a few times in the theatres. I don’t remember WHY I went back multiple times, but the quietly unnerving simple home invasion story was impactful. Also, deep in the back of my brain I wanted to watch others squirm and shriek as much as I did during first viewing. It’s a rough movie, y’all, that will guarantee to leave you empty. And look, sometimes we need that from a movie. Emotionally we need to flush everything out of our system. Haneke’s Amour is a particularly brutal example of this. Last House On The Left, meanwhile, is a sort of “master cleanse” from the human spirit. And like that diet, it’s not for everybody.

Johannes Robert (47 Meters Down, The Other Side of the Door) and Ben Katai (The Forest) must have felt the same way too because the trailer for the upcoming sequel The Strangers: Prey at Night has already imbued a healthy dose of red comedy into the burgeoning series. You can’t help but smile when the iconic “Man in the Mask” pulls up next to our heroine, Bailee Madison (Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark), blaring Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” (which has now been successfully used multiple times in horror films and it’s GIVIN’ ME LIIIIFE!) as he cranks it up some more. It’s the type of dark levity that we need from a “home invasion” film, a subgenre consistently mired in by-the-book narratives and tense carnage that grows tiresome after the first 45 minutes.

But now the titular home has expanded to be secluded mobile home park, and if you grew up in rural communities or at least took long road trips as a child you’ll remember what those look like and the dark dreams they can awaken! Details on plot are scant, and the trailer gives very little away, but Dollface, Man in the Mask, and Pin Up Girl will be terrorizing yet another family. Robert is directing a script by Katai, with Bryan Bertino (The Strangers, The Blackcoat’s Daughter) attached to produce a cast that includes the aforementioned Madison, Christina Hendricks (Drive, Madmen), and Martin Henderson (The Ring, Everest). The Strangers: Prey at Night opens March 9th, 2018!