Shudder Continues to be the Boss with THE CORE

Let’s just say that Shudder, the hand-curated digital streaming service for genre purists, is ab-so-lute-ly CRUSHING IT in original content. And their new venture is no different! Shudder, in a co-production with Uproxx have ordered 10 episodes of The Core, a new weekly show that is a “dissection of genre filmmaking hosted by director and fan Mickey Keating.”

Mickey Keating talks shop with horror industry veterans about the ins and outs of the business, the craft, and everything in between. Following a perfectly paced flow, each segment feels like you are flipping to a new column in a classic horror movie rag. One moment we’re seeing commentary on the best deaths in the Halloween franchise and before we know it we are watching a practical make up effects maestro walk us through the incredibly detailed work that goes into creating a slice-able and dice-able human head. I felt like I was a kid again sitting on the carpeted floor of Barnes and Nobles (hey, it was the only place in my small Texas town!) flipping through Fango marveling at the behind the scenes photos and set visits. Rounding out the episode Mickey Keating pays a visit to horror fashion icon Sam Zimmerman (film curator for Shudder) where Sam gives us some of his picks for flicks to catch streaming on Shudder.

Adam Green and Danielle Harris are the inaugural guests on the first episode, available to stream now, but the lineup of future guests is pretty, pretty, preeeeeeetty fucking fire. You can expect to see DJ and music producer Flying Lotus (Kuso), actor and producer Elijah Wood (The Good Son, Deep Impact), writer/directors The Soska Sisters (American Mary), and filmmaker Rodney Ascher (The Nightmare, Room 237). But with only four names announced that means we can have wild speculation on the other six, so you can’t tell me that Eric Freeman from Silent Night Deadly Night Part II WON’T be on the show.

The Core fills the void for horror fans that long for the day of being able to flip through a horror magazine like Fangoria to get a peek behind the curtain, learn how movies are made, and celebrate our love for the genre. Shudder has been the gift that keeps on giving for genre fans and we here at Ghastly Grinnings are staunch supporters of the streaming service, so really, take it from us: sign up for Shudder today. The Core premieres on November 16th!