THE RAID Director is Bringing Gang Warfare to the Streets of London

I’m sure I don’t only speak for myself when I say that I sat through The Raid and its sequel absolutely speechless — in awe at what was taking place before my very eyes. That’s when I wasn’t grinning like a big kid anyway and thanking the action gods for such generous, thoughtful gifts. Gareth Evans, in this writer’s humble opinion, is arguably the most exciting director working today, so I’m thrilled to report that he’s heading to HBO for a London-based “gangland drama” series.

Deadline reports that the new show will be called Gangs of London and is a collaboration between HBO’s Cinemax and Sky Atlantic, along with Pulse Films and Sister Pictures. The story takes place in the UK capital present day and involves a power struggle between the various international gangs who populate the criminal underworld. Evans’ ambition is to “bring a cinematic viewing experience into UK and US homes,” which is great news for action aficionados.

I would bet money that shit is going to off. The words “international gangs” particularly excite me as it paves the way for a diverse cast of characters who will undoubtedly be quite well-versed in various forms of martial arts. Bringing that international flavor to a British crime drama sounds like a match made in Heaven. Hopefully he’ll bring in The Raid’s Iko Uwais, who is arguably the greatest action star of this generation, and turn him loose on unacquainted Western audiences.

The decision to bring the show to Cinemax is also great, HBO’s genre-focused arm is responsible for some of the best crime and action shows in recent memory thanks to Quarry, Banshee, and The Knick. This is the perfect home for an Evans joint, where carnage will be unleashed and thrills will be delivered tenfold. President of Programming at Cinemax, Kary Antholis, has promised a “Fun, adrenalized and entertaining series that will be catnip for audiences.” With Evans on board and the network’s track record, I believe him — I trust you Kary Antholis, so please don’t let me down, my dude.

We need to wait until 2019 for this, though, so in the meantime we’ll just need to settle for Evans’ upcoming period thriller Apostle, which stars The Guest’s Dan Stevens as a man determined to get his sister back after she falls into the clutches of a religious cult. Well consider me on board, and a proud member of the cult of Gareth Evans until my last breath.