Be Still, Our Beating Hearts! Arrow Video Releasing BASKET CASE 4K Restoration

It’s really hard to go to work after a long holiday break, fam. The unfortunate sound of the alarm clock, nudging for a seat on a crowded Q train, and of course the ever common phantom smell from someone (or thing…) on the sidewalks of Upper Manhattan all hit me before I sat down at my desk. But every once in awhile, a little piece of news will break that can change the course of an entire day. And lucky for you and I, that news today happens to be Arrow Video releasing their slate of February releases, including an all new 4K restoration of Hennenlotter’s immortal masterpiece, Basket Case!

Basket Case, coming February 27th, brings with it not only a new 4k restoration from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City but also a plethora of extras and goodies that will make our little trashy hearts beam! Of specific note for Hennenlotter enthusiasts will be the inclusion of his rarely seen short film, Slash of the Knife, and a feature Arrow is calling Basket Case 3 ½: an interview between Hennenlotter and Duane Bradley, years after the events of the original Basket Case. This can only mean that we are getting Kevin Van Hentenryck back into character, hopefully with a special appearance by Belial, talking about...I guess whatever he’s been up to since 1991!

As a ride or die Hennenlotter fan, this is all fantastic news. Arrow video continues to show the level of care, attention, and respect that these masterpieces of grindhouse cinema deserve, and that may have easily been lost if not for historians seeing the cultural relevancy of films that were initially regarded as trash, and of course all of us fans that have an unending appetite for

the weird and the wild.

Along with Basket Case, Arrow has also released their full slate of February releases including Der Todesking from Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik), Scalpel from the director of Blood Rage (!!!) John Grissmer, and Herschell Gordon Lewis’ The Gruesome Twosome!

Check out the full details below for Basket, and make sure you pre-order from Diabolik soon (I mean just LOOK at that Belial pin!)!