GET SOME: Introducing Our Brand New Column Dedicated to Bad Ass Cinema

If there’s one thing I love as much as a great horror movie, it’s a great action movie, but who doesn’t love hand-to-hand combat, car chases, shootouts, and explosions? To me, those are just as exciting as exploring the dark unknown and the supernatural, or witnessing a good old fashioned hack ‘n slash bloodbath, or seeing a creature making life hell for some unfortunate souls. Better yet, we know a lot our Grinners and horror kin feel the same way about action, because if there’s one genre we can appreciate as fans of edgier entertainment as much as horror, it’s action.

But horror and action aren’t all that different when you think about it, are they? For a start, both mediums focus on the fight between good and evil, with heroes forced to overcome difficult and life-threatening odds in order to eliminate the threat of evil or even just survive its onslaught. Often is the case that people die as a result, and those deaths can elicit a myriad of gut reactions from us as viewers. Sometimes the good guys win, other times they don’t. Sometimes there are no good guys. A lot of the time, we gravitate towards the villains in each case because they’re cool. Who doesn’t love Hans Gruber as much as they love Freddy, right?

At times, action and horror have also been known to intersect from. When that happens, sometimes they make glorious babies together like Maniac Cop 2 and From Dusk Till Dawn. And what is The Terminator if not a slasher film presented as a sci-fi actioner? I could go on, and with this column, you can rest assured that we’ll explore these ideas in greater detail.

That said, it’s not always as clear-cut as the aforementioned elements, is it? Like horror, action is a diverse genre that comes in various forms, all of which boast unique characteristics. We set up Ghastly Grinning to cover horror in its multitude of iterations and guises, and with this column, we’ll do the same for action movies, television shows, and maybe even some high-speed chase videos from the evening news. OK, maybe not the latter... unless there are ninjas involved.

For me, what really unites horror and action in their best incarnations is the presence of danger and the thrill that comes with being thrust into the heart of it with the characters onscreen. Sure, we can find as much enjoyment in mindless popcorn fun, but when both genres are at their best, giving us stories with characters we care about who’ve found themselves in situations where there’s real shit to contend with… that’s just pure cinema. We think that's worth celebrating.

As fans, we’re always playing catch up with movies and television. There aren't enough hours left in this crazy thing called life to see everything we want to see, is there? But we’ll try our best. This column will be dedicated to gushing over what we already know and love, sure, but it’s also an opportunity for us to scour the globe, dig deep, and see what treasures we uncover, as we’ll be doing with horror as our Ghastly groove continues to kick in as we grow. And when something gives us that giddy feeling that comes with finding a new movie that sweeps you away, we’ll talk about it right here.

But we also want to talk about how awesome Pam Grier is. And how Walter Hill is one of the best things to happen to this world. And how classic Hong Kong movies and contemporary Korean action-thrillers are better than sex and naps. And celebrate the next Scott Adkins release as the DTV event movie it is. Some weeks we’ll focus on a specific movie or show, other weeks it might be a list, deep dive, or a specific thought that’s been running through our heads. Occasionally, the umbrella will extend to encompass bedfellow genres like thrillers, crime dramas, westerns and, of course, horror.

What we do promise is make your experience fun, informative, and engaging.

This is merely the introductory piece to a column we hope you’ll be on board with. It’ll be published every Wednesday as long as you, dear readers, want it in your weekly reading diet. We also hope that you share your action favorites with us. We want this to be a community that celebrates and discusses action in its entirety with the respect and attention it deserves, and we want you to be a part of that as much as us.

Now, are you ready to GET SOME?