TRAIN TO BUSAN Director is Back with Telekinetic Comedy PYSCHOKINESIS

By 2016, many in the genre community felt a little fatigued by the global acceptance of the zombie, once a fearsome foe relegated to shock cinema which ascended to the national stage with hits like The Walking Dead shuffling in a new age of horror fans. But while some audiences could sate their zombie blood lust, a large majority were ready for the Zed Word” to be laid to rest for awhile.

Then Yeon Sang-Ho’s Train to Busan dropped, and shut us all up.

The moving, emotionally raw story of a father protecting his daughter on a commuter train packed to the gills with undead passengers rocked the industry and gave fans hope for the zombie film outside of smaller releases like Jeremy Gardner’s The Battery or Christopher Landon’s hilarious positive masculinity zombie romp A Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.  Hell, I’ll always admit that I wept like a baby while watching Train to Busan. How could you NOT?

Lucky for us, but we won’t have to wait years to see what the next live-action follow-up to Busan will be from director Sang-Ho, as we learned today his next feature Psychokinesis opens next year! From what I could cull from various sources (Variety, Bloody Disgusting, the broken English of the Google Translated French Blog Furyosa) the plot is as follows:

“An ordinary man who accidentally inherits powers of psychokinesis which he sees as an unexpected opportunity to save his spirited daughter and the people around him.” But with great power comes great responsibility.”

The film stars the leads from Yeon Sang-ho’s Train To Busan prequel Seoul Station – Ryu Seung-ryong (Miracle In Cell No. 7) and Shim Eun-kyung (Miss Granny), and Jung Yu-mi (Train to Busan)

The film is being referred to as a “superhero comedy”, a “black comedy”, and a “drama stained with fantasy” your typical K-genre film! But based on the poster art and few stills alone, I’m getting the feeling that Sang-ho may be dipping his toes into Steven Chow territory. But we’re sure it will be coupled with the deeply emotional connection to characters that we became accustomed to in his work on Busan. Psychokinesis (a.k.a. Superpower) is being touted as a tentpole film for 2018, so expect to see a lot more new from this film in the coming months!

Check out the first poster art and promotional stills below!