"Life's a Joke, Then You Croak." PROM NIGHT II Streaming Now on Shudder

“It's late. You're tired. Your mind is playing tricks on you.”

“It's not my mind, goddamn it! It's Mary Lou Maloney!”

It honestly doesn’t feel like too long ago since I was wandering the Blockbuster in Bellmeade, Texas, next to the Luby’s where I would go to eat at occasionally with my grandmother. It’s a dentist office now, but I still clearly remember the blue and gold carpeted interior, the cluster of TV’s running a cycle of previews, and the countless selection of VHS films. When I wasn’t checking out Mega Man X for the SNES, I was in the horror section eyes agog over each VHS box.

I still vividly remember the cover for the British paranormal film The Asphyx, with its distorted demonic creature on the cover surrounded by dudes in frilly shirts. And while the film, directed by Peter Newbrook, itself may not categorize as horror per se, the imagery was strong enough to burn into my memory. Trick or Treat, the 1986 film vehicle for a stellar soundtrack, fell into this same category, though mostly my mind was more baffled on WHAT the monsters were than the WAY the monsters looked. While the movie is charming schlock, the monster still is perplexing to me (WHY SUCH A LONG SNOUT?!). Yet that was still nothing compared to the feast for the eyes that was the Chopping Mall poster, with its bag full of guts clenched in the iron grip of a strong Ultron-esque metallic hand. But the image that I kept coming back to was of a pissed off looking prom queen, wedged in a locker, with flames erupting on either side of her silver coffin.

In your best Dougie voice: HellooooOOOO-ooo Mary Lou!

Prom Night II, a Canadian production that bears no connection to the original film. It was originally filmed as “The Haunting of Hamilton High”, before being purchased by the Samuel-Goldwyn Company and being retrofitted as a Prom Night film. It even got some good press on release including this choice quote from the LA Times called it “The Blue Velvet of high school horror movies...certainly, it's not on the deeply personal, highly idiosyncratic artistic level of the David Lynch film, but it is a splendid example of what imagination can do with formula genre material.”

And with an uptick in interest in the film, helped in no small part by the team over at the Shock Waves podcast championing the sequel as it has slowly crept onto streaming, it is wonderful to see the film have a second life. Right now it is the one film that I hands down will always recommend when someone asks for a fun horror movie, because while the LA Times review may seem hyperbolic, aligning it with a Lynch film frankly is not off-base.

So, stop what you are doing and watch Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 today! You won’t regret it. Stream it NOW on Shudder and Amazon Prime!