DEAD TRIGGER Trailer: Cinematic Art Form Dolph Lundgren to Resuscitate the Zombie Movie

Dolph Lundgren is the man of the hour. He’s the champion of our dreams and the face of every bad guy’s nightmare. He’s the reason we wake up every day and make it through to the next without falling apart. As long as DTV action movies are still being made and Dolph is here to star in them, we’ll always have good things to look forward to. I love this man.

Why am I talking about Dolph Lundgren today, you ask? Well, I talk about Dolph Lundgren every day, but at this moment in time, I have some big news to share.

You see, a trailer just dropped for Dead Trigger, a movie that combines two of the most divisive subgenres in the horror canon: the zombie movie and the video game adaptation. On paper, that sounds like just another forgettable action-horror hybrid not worthy of your time, right? Think again: this is a Dolph Lundgren vehicle. And when it comes to mindless, violent fun, he’s a great driver of such vehicles.

Dead Trigger is based on the popular first-person shooter game of the same name, which has amassed 30 million downloads worldwide. The movie follows an elite team of badass warriors who must make their way through zombie-infested terrains to find a team of scientists who might have a cure for the epidemic. Essentially, it’s a shoot ‘em up with Dolph Lundgren. Can you dig it?

Nothing about this movie looks original per se, but the trailer shows Dolph Lundgren leading a military unit alongside Autumn Reeser — the fantastic actress who played the adorably quirky Taylor Townsend in The O.C — against hordes of flesh-hungry mutants. Can they stop the virus before the mutants make mankind their buffet? I don’t know about you, but I have faith in this team.

Dolph has an impressive resume when it comes to combating supernatural threats in movies, and you can bet your bottom dollar that entertainment is always guaranteed. Last year he took on demons in Don’t Kill It, which saw him posed with the task of stopping a body-hopping hellspawn in an idyllic small town. In 2013, he battled the damned in the aptly-titled Battle of the Damned. This saw our hero conquer more zombie foes with some robots thrown into the mix because why not? It’s a good time to be had.

Of course, many of us fell in love with Dolph all over again in 1990 when he took on aliens and the drug trade in the cult gem, Dark Angel (aka I Come in Peace). That movie blends the renegade detective story with sci-fi action treats and the results are mind-blowing. Dolph Lundgren is mind-blowing.

Some films fans may primarily associate Dolph with communism and the death of Apollo Creed thanks to Rocky IV, but his cinematic legacy, for the most part, is ultimately a myriad of tales rooted in heroism. Dead Trigger won’t change the game, but we can rest assured knowing that it’s going to be an entertaining pulpy ride spearheaded by a magnificent human being who clearly values our enjoyment. And for 90 minutes of high octane carnage, the undead subgenre might experience some life again.