The Family Comes Together In THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY

Okay. I mean, I'll be blunt about it. I am a HUGE fan of The Umbrella Academy, the Dark Horse comic from Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. I have their logo tattooed on my body so it's safe to say that the series is definitely in my wheelhouse. While it's not exclusively horror, trust me, enough is here to draw in the genre fan. I mean, we have a (deceased) member who could summon forth Cthulu-like beings from his stomach, a barefoot lackadaisical slacker who can communicate with the dead and often has discussions with a John Wayne stand-in, a man who's head is now attached to a giant jetpack wearing silverback gorilla, and a number of other things that are delightfully weird.

In case you haven't heard, Netflix has picked up the series and news has rolled out that the family has all be cast. While nothing has been set in stone, it seems that the first season will follow the first trade in the series, The Apocalypse Suite. Taking place in an alternate reality where JFK was never assassinated, and treating the seventies as the present, where 43 babies are all born simultaneously, only seven survive. A mysterious entrepreneur and secret alien, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, adopts the children and raises them as The Umbrella Academy, teaching them to work together to save the world from evil threats. Flash forward to their young adult lives, and the family is in complete disarray. 

The hodgepodge family is the focal point of the series and they've finalized the cast. Often referred to by numbers, but accompanied with given names, here are the cast and characters that are going to bring the phenomenal comic to life.

Luther, also know as Spaceboy, is the de facto leader of the team. As a child he was gifted with immense super strength but an accident sometime later in his life resulted in his head being attached to that of a giant gorilla. Tom Hopper will play Luther, best known for playing Dickon in HBO hit series Game of Thrones

Diego, alias The Kraken, is a Batman analogue and riff on Aquaman. With only the ability to indefinitely hold his breath and has a knack for knife throwing. He carries a chip on his shoulder as he has always had to work harder for what is his and believes he should have led the team, not his brother. He is a vigilante who focuses more on daily and routine crime over the world-threatening affairs they were often dealt in their childhood. The Kraken will be played by David Castenada, who we'll see co-starring in the upcoming Sicario sequel Soldado

Allison is perhaps the most powerful of the family, with the ability to make vocal suggestions that become reality, thus appropriately named Rumor. She has been married with a child but is still struggling with her love for Spaceboy. Rumor will be brought to life by Emmy Raver-Lampman who will be transitioning over from the smash hit Broadway musical Hamilton

Klaus is the middle child, who has struggled with drug issues for most of his life, with the powers of levitation and speaking with the dead. Dubbed Seance, Klaus is being played by Robert Sheehan, who has previously played a super powered being on BBC's Misfits.

One of the only Hargreeves without a name, only called Number Five or The Boy, mysteriously jumped fifty years into the future, where he became stuck there. After finally discovering how to travel back, he finds that he is trapped in his ten year old body and can no longer age. Things get a little weird with The Boy and I don't want to ruin the surprise but he was a completely BONKERS backstory that will be a lot of fun to see play out. Aidan Gallagher has been cast as The Boy, just finishing up his fourth season on the Nickelodeon show Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn.

Two more Hargreeves children exist. One, The Horror, is dead. The other is Vanya Hargreeves who ultimately becomes the main antagonist of the first run. Vanya appeared to have no powers growing up but as time crawls on, Vanya may be more dangerous than anyone else in the family. Ellen Page is packing a wallop of star power into the roster with this role. 

This cast is stellar and so far seems to be sticking to the detail of the characters closely. With Gerard Way serving as a producer, it seems that the series is looking to keep true to the comic and excite new and old fans alike.