Code Red Announce Upcoming Releases

Next year is already shaping up to be another great year for genre releases hitting Blu-ray, with numerous company’s releasing a ton of stuff that’s been long out of print or only available in non-U.S. markets. Code Red DVD and sibling Company Scorpion Releasing, in particular, have four highly anticipated Italian releases from Dario Argento, Michele Soavi, and Umberto Lenzi on the way, with Banana Man himself, Code Red Bill, making the announcements over the past few months. I’d highly recommend any of these, and I know fellow collectors and casual buyers are pretty excited for the new pristine transfers and onslaught of special features meticulously put together by Code Red Bill Olsen and Scorpion founder Walt Olsen.

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First up from Code Red we have Umberto Lenzi’s 1972 stylish thriller Seven Blood Stained Orchids, based on the Edgar Wallace story in which a crazed maniac on the loose begins committing deranged murders, and a lone survivor may be the only key to unmasking the lunatic known as the Half-Moon Killer. The mysterious half-moon lockets left with each victim could be the only key to unraveling these sinister crimes as it becomes a race against time to stop this deranged psycho from claiming his seven intended victims! This features a brand new HD Master, new interviews with the recently deceased Umberto Lenzi, and many other treats! The pending release date is 1/2/2018, right around the corner!

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From the Maestro himself, Dario Argento, comes his beloved 1987 Opera. With its sweeping camera work and intense murder sequences, Opera focuses on a young opera singer who takes over the leading role in an avant-garde presentation of Verdi’s Macbeth, she triggers the madness of a crazed maniac who repeatedly forces the diva to watch the torture and savage murders of her friends. Filled with twists and turns along with many Argento trademarks, many people cite this as Argento’s last masterpiece, and it hits Blu 1/23/18 with a brand new 2K scan and on-screen interviews with Dario himself!

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1991’s The Sect is the second collaboration between director Michele Soavi and producer Dario Argento, As a diabolical sect unleashes devilish hell on Miriam, an American school teacher who’s relocated to Germany and accidentally gets on the wrong side of the heart removing murders of the satanic variety Grim nightmares, magical pet rabbits, diabolical cult leaders, this tale of terror hits the streets on 2/27/18 and boasts a fresh HD Master and bonus material pending announcement.

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The first collaboration of Argento producing and Michele Soavi directing, 1989’s The Church is dread-induced build up of madness. An elaborate cathedral that was once the site of a medieval slaughter becomes a deadly trap for a group of visitors and staff when a sealed crypt is accidentally reopened, bringing otherworldly terror to its trapped inhabitants. Soavi’s second feature-length is bound for many new fans now that an accessible pristine print is on its way. The release date is set for 3/20/18 with a fresh new HD Master and bonus material pending announcement.

All of these are available for pre-order at for reasonable prices, so make sure you jump on them because these will most certainly sell quickly! Many thanks to Code Red and Scorpion Releasing for bestowing some of Italy’s finest imports on us! 2018 can’t come quick enough!

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