Now Is The Perfect Time To Start Listening To SHOCK WAVES

Listen. It's a not-so-secret fact that this page was created by a bunch of people who met on a fan club online. It's true. The founders of the site all met through a Facebook page dedicated to a podcast. We are truly thankful for it everyday and it's safe to say it's easily one of our favorite podcasts in the vast sea that has become the podcasting world. That podcast is Shock Waves.

Shock Waves was created from the ashes of the Killer POV podcast, along with some sprinkling of The Bloodcastand it's now become one of the most intriguing and inclusive weekly horror shows online. 

The show was originally hosted by the core hosts of the Killer POV podcast, carrying over to create the new show in a partnership with Blumhouse. This includes aquatic horror expert, genre pioneer and nunsploitation loving Doctor Rebekah McKendry. Next up is a man who's expansive knowledge of film is staggering, with an adoration for arthouse cinema and anything a little bonkers (a favorite tagline of his), Elric Kane. The last of the Killer POV crew is Rob Galluzzo, who has a vinyl and blu ray collection that may possibly never be matched and a love for Psycho that is so strong he pretty much wrote the book on it with his in-depth look at the series in the documentary The Psycho Legacy. Rounding out the hosts is newcomer Ryan Turek, former editor at Shock Til You Drop and current Blumhouse producer with a penchant for slashers and an unbridled passion for Fright Night.

Each week, the hosts take a look at horror movies, board games, soundtracks and more with a deep knowledge and love for the genre. While their bits of trivia and insights are a large part of what will keep bringing you back to the show, more of it has to do with their outlook and attitude about the genre. The Shock Waves crew approach horror with a much more accepting outlook than a lot of the hyper critical views that are often found online. Between the four hosts, the range of what they enjoy, like or can objectively appreciate covers a lot of ground that is rarely tread upon. For every mainstream hit that they revisit, Elric will bring up some completely insane tangentially frightening indie film. For every 4K restoration discussed, Bekah is guaranteed to have watched some truly offputting foreign film and for all of the anniversaries recognized, Rob will have gone back to explore the merits of watching something like Evilspeak in hi def. It's always a wide net that's cast and the titles brought in to discuss are promised to at least be interesting.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing parts of the show is how naturally you will slip into the conversation. This is not an in-depth or academic look at horror. It's four friends with tastes that do and don't coincide talking about movies that they love. Then, as if that wasn't fun enough, they always bring on a guest to have a discussion with too. Yes, guests like horror icons Heather Langenkamp and Don Mancini have appeared on the show but Shock Waves does a great job at treating fans to even deeper cuts. Cult sensation Adam Rifkin, horror everyman Ted Raimi, online journalists such as BJ Colangelo and Brennan Klein, contemporary screenwriters and directors Ben Collins, Luke Piotrowski, and Christopher Landon and more. The all enveloping goes on and on. As die hard fans themselves they strive to bring new and exciting moments to the show, such as Episode 32 where they have a Silent Night, Deadly Night family reunion, having the actors behind Ricky and Billy Chapman together for the first time. Or bonus episodes dedicated to appreciating the soundtracks of the films we all love so much (and some we don't!)

If you aren't listening yet, now is the perfect time to start. With 2017 winding down, Shock Waves will be doing their 'best of' episode and it's always one of the best. Because of all the hosts enjoying things at such opposite ends of spectrum, the list created by them is guaranteed to be a ready made curation for must watch films of the year. It's sure to cover smash hits like Get Out and It as well as finding some looked over or under appreciated movies of 2017. You can find them here or subscribe where you find podcasts. 

Ryan Larson