Three years ago, Lowell Dean and The Coup Company dropped a ready made cult classic into our laps with WolfCop. It had everything fans need to fall in love with the proverbial midnight movie: a grindhouse feel, gratuitous nudity, gore and violence and even a rap song to accompany the titular character that rolled over the credits. It was quickly announced that a sequel was in the works and they’ve delivered on that promise with Another WolfCop.

I think the title speaks for itself but before we really dive into the minutiae of the film, it’s important to remember to go into this movie with balanced expectations. If you go in looking for something it isn’t (like a sleek high budget horror affair or a slow burn tense melodrama), of course you’ll go walking away disappointed. However, if you’re in it for the ridiculousness of a man who is a werewolf and also a cop, driving a ‘suped up cop car and fighting snake creatures born out of human stomachs, well then you’re going to have a hell of a good time.

The sequel picks up not long after where the original left us, with the lovable asshole Lou Garou moonlighting as a werewolf vigilante in a police uniform while his boss and voice of reason Tina is out doing the actual detective work. It’s a fun dichotomy that works, with Lou as the brawn to Tina’s brain. The plot is straight out of a drive-in horror affair from the fifties but amplified with blood, sexuality and a whole lot of weird body horror. While we get twice as much vivisection from our lupine hero in this entry, resulting in a copious amount of blood-spraying goodness, we also get a ton of slime and mucus to double up on the bodily fluids. (Trust me, the fluids don’t stop there.)

The villain could be a stand-in for any comic book movie villain, he’s a bit shallow. He has a grand evil scheme that loosely ties into the folklore of the series but he’s nothing substantial. While the sophomore entry loses some of the inherent charm of the first film by falling into dangerous sequel tropes, basically just taking standout scenes and upping the ante, it does grow in more important ways.

While Lou and his best bud Willie are back in all their ass kicking, liquor drinking glory, the cast is also doubled in size with badass female characters. While WolfCop definitely remains the powerhouse of the ragtag team, the returning Amy Matysio as Tina pulls double duty as competent detective and effective crime fighter and that’s not the end of it. We are also introduced to another mythical being with Kat, played by Sara Miller, and even the heavy lifter on the side of evil is the physically dominating Kris Blackwell. Hell, we even get a completely unnecessary but totally harmless cameo from nerd everyman Kevin Smith.

Another WolfCop doesn’t quite pack the same punch as the original but it doesn’t really need to. It does exactly what these campy gorefests should do. It has fun with itself. It’s bloodier, raunchier, and still has a kickass soundtrack. It even has a new WolfCop song and a stinger promising that WolfCop will return. This world can be awfully serious sometimes, and as much as I love sitting down to enjoy a cerebral masterpiece from David Fincher, every once in awhile I need to remember that somewhere up in Canada, Leo Fafard is pounding donuts and sticking hockey sticks through rib cages as the Dirtier Harry.