Exciting New Film From Exciting Film Veterans

If the sibling duo the Hayes Brothers doesn’t ring a bell, then two of the movies that they have written most definitely will: The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2. Chad and Carey are also the ones we can thank for the graphically depicted death of Paris Hilton in House of Wax, a masterful scene that made moviegoers all over the world cheer and celebrate. I’ve even heard people say that it’s almost like watching the opening of Disney Pixar’s Up, but the polar opposite. Okay, by people, I mean me.

This, however, is no joke. Today Variety reported that the duo are teaming up with producer Joel Silver on an original, and for now, nameless horror movie.

Silver, who began his career at Lawrence Gordon Productions, earned his first screen credit as the associate producer on The Warriors and continued with Gordon to produce 48 Hrs., Streets of Fire, and Brewster's Millions. In 1985 he moved on and formed Silver Pictures, producing classic movies like Commando, Predator and Die Hard, along with more modern films like Thirteen Ghosts, V for Vendetta and The Hills Run Red. Oh, and you also might have heard of a little movie called The Matrix? Yeah, he produced that one, too.

As of yet there isn’t much info on this movie as details are being kept under wraps, but the film is being set at Sony, where Columbia Pictures executive vice president of creative production Palak Patel (Oz the Great and Powerful) will oversee the development.

Keep checking in with us as we will report on the latest updates on this project.