Milo Ventimiglia Adds Creature Feature To His Extensive Horror Resume

Milo Ventimiglia, the dude who broke Rory Gilmore´s heart over and over again and who also went out of his way to save the cheerleader to save the world, is no stranger to genre films. We've seen him cut up dead bodies in Pathology, go full on cray-cray in The Divide and fall head over heels in love with a vampire in Kiss of the Damned. And now he takes a break from his busy schedule as Jack Pearson in This is Us to dip his toes in the creature feature genre as another character with the initials “JP”, in Devil´s Gate.

Devil’s Gate is directed by Clay Staub, who was second unit director on Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead and 300. In the film an unholy force lies locked away in a crumbling, booby-trapped, middle-of-nowhere farmhouse and when a woman and her son mysteriously vanish, FBI agent Daria Francis (Amanda Schull) is dispatched to the small town of Devil’s Gate, ND., to investigate the number one suspect: religious fanatic Jackson Pritchard (Milo Ventimiglia), husband and father of the missing persons. But when Francis and local deputy Colt (Shawn Ashmore) arrive at Pritchard’s foreboding property, they discover much more than they bargained for lurking in the basement.

“The idea here is that I wanted to create something where the tropes were familiar to people, but then we would be twisting those completely on their heads, and take you down a road that, when you start the film, where you end the film is completely different,” Staub said of the film which he co-wrote with Peter Aperlo (Dawn of the Justice League), when speaking to Deadline earlier this year.

Devil´s Gate will be released by IFC Films in theaters and on demand, Jan. 5.

Sources: Deadline, EW