Not a Joke: They're Making a Bob Geldolf Murder Mystery

From time to time you come across a movie that makes you go: “Damn! I need to keep an eye on the filmmaker behind this, because this is DA shit!” Coherence was one of those films for me. Writer/director James Ward Byrkit brought us a mind bending sci-fi thriller that felt like a feature length episode of The Twilight Zone and the critical response was great. I couldn't wait to see what Byrkit would do next. Four years later we are happy to report (via The Tracking Board) that the indie filmmaker has found his next project, Do They Know It’s Murder, which sounds amazing!

The murder mystery is set during the recording of the classic 1984 song “Do They Know It’s Christmas” as songwriter Bob Geldof discovers a dead body and must find out who killed the star without derailing the song.

Let that sink in for a while, and then imagine an Agatha Christie type story set in the legendary Sarm West studios in 1984 where we get to see Bob Geldof play detective and where artists like Phil Collins and Bono are potential killers. This could be fun! My bet is on Collins as the killer. Just saying.

Keep your eyes open on this spot for updates on this project.

Dick Waychester