Popular Ghost Hunter Zak Bagan's Is Taking Us To DEMON HOUSE

Listen. Their are two types of ghost hunting shows. Slow paced, methodical step-by-step near procedurals and Ghost Adventures. Zak Bagan's is the muscly leader of a group of friends that were just so interested in finding ghosts, they started filming it and got their own show.

No, for real, this is what happened. It's what makes Ghost Adventures so charming. Zak along with friends Aaron, Billy, Jay and Nick were just dead set on capturing ghosts on tape. They aren't expert ghost hunters (although across fifteen seasons they must be by now) but they're determined. While their fearless leader Zak is usually rarely phased by the demonic happenings, something about seeing his friends too paralyzed with fear to continue the hunt is just so damn endearing. 

Well now, the man who has truly earned the nickname "ghost bro" has his own documentary coming out and it seems pretty damn terrifying. Bagan's bought, sight unseen, a house that has been nicknamed the "Demon House." It was said to possibly be the most haunted house in America, more terrifying and possessed even than the perpetually famous Amityville home. Found in Indiana, it started gaining notoriety in the supernatural circle in 2014 when a family of four claim they were all possessed while living in the home. The occurrences read like a true horror film: swarms of flies, strange noises, and then they finally starting seeing shapes and people. 

Things escalated quickly from there. The family says they walked in on their sister levitating in her bed asleep. A social worker was called in after the youngest son attempted to murder the eldest and has on record reported to see the child walk up his own house walls backwards. Psychics visited the house and claim that over 200 demons lived in it, calling it a portal to hell.

Well. Lucky for us, Bagan's bought the home, stayed, and recorded it all. Now, coming to select theaters and VOD in standard in hi-def on March 16th, Demon House looks to be a frightening documentary from some of the most impassioned group of ghost hunters around. Below is the full press release and we'll keep you updated.


Los Angeles, CA – January 12, 2018 – Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, has acquired the North American rights to the paranormal-themed documentary DEMON HOUSE. DEMON HOUSE debuts in select theaters nationwide, and will also be available to rent and own on VOD in digital HD across cable, internet, and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media on March 16, 2018.  

DEMON HOUSE documents what happens when Zak Bagans – the host, creator, and executive producer of The Travel Channel’s smash hit series GHOST ADVENTURES – and his crew are overwhelmed by a demon possession case some have called the next Amityville, the most authenticated case of possession in American history. After buying the haunted home in Indiana over the phone, sight unseen, Bagans and his crew are unprepared for the demonic forces that await them at the location referred to as the “portal to Hell.”

Written, produced and directed by Zak Bagans, DEMON HOUSE features Zak Bagans, Father Michael Maginot, Dr. Barry Taff, and Captain Charles Austin.  DEMON HOUSE was produced by Joseph Taglieri and Mike Dorsey, and was co-produced by Jay Wasley.


Freestyle Digital Media Vice President of Acquisitions, Dan Fisher, negotiated the deal for Demon House with Alec Shankman, Abrams Artists Agency’s Senior Vice President and Head of Alternative Programming, Licensing & Digital Media.

Demon House is a chilling, edge-of-your-seat horror-thriller pitting the world’s most renowned paranormal investigator against his greatest challenge--the house of 200 demons,” said Dan Fisher, Vice President of Acquisitions for Freestyle Digital Media. “We at Freestyle could not be more excited to bring Zak’s documentary to millions of homes across North America this March.” 

“I destroyed the house because I do not want anyone to ever live there again,” said filmmaker Zak Bagans. “I saw too many things, and there was something inside the house that affected everyone. The police, clergy, children, my production crew. Everyone.  I am delighted that Freestyle will now be making DEMON HOUSE available to North American viewers soon!”