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This weeks episode takes a few new interesting twists and turns in the Mulder/Scully dynamic, specifically of them apparently being dope John Wick-style action stars. Our episode opens with Mulder and Scully getting a mysterious message on a phone that looks and sounds disarmingly like their old Lone Gunmen buddy Langley. Before they can figure out what the message is, they are barraged by a SWAT team of guards, led by a Tommy Wisseau sounding guy that is working for Barbara Hershey and her Big Bad group. Before they are taken down, they really finally show the level of physical training the FBI must still adhere to because we’re basically in a John Woo directed X-Files for a large portion of this episode.

But none of that is why this episode works. What works is the very uneasy Black Mirror-esque story arc that they are unfolding (possibly). But before we get to that, we have just some solid classic The X-Files writing and sleuthing. Mulder too seemed so self serious in the previous season that it felt a part of the charm was washed away by years on Californication. But, thankfully, it’s not. Here’s a few choice lines I jotted down:

  • “Who needs Google when you have Scully” (Same, Mulder. Same.)

  • “I gotta open up an X-File on this bran muffin. Why is it so freaking good?!” (GOLD)

This isn’t a Monster of The Week like I had hoped for, but what we get is actually almost cooler. It feels like a lost episode of The Lone Gunmen, the quality spin-off series from 2001. It’s a conspiracy angle that I am hoping capitalizes on fan’s nerdy knowledge of the original series. Lone Gunmen were always a fan favorite, and even in their excellent spin off series showcased the distilled “best of” The X-Files. By adding a Black Mirror-esque element, all of the worlds rich techies have their consciousness uploaded to a virtual paradise world that Langley describes as “What we were out there? It’s  the opposite of what we are in here’. This is The X-Files attempt to grow and evolve. Sometimes the show relies on its formula almost too well, a formula that may be a bit dated in today’s golden age of television. But nonetheless this is a very, very good sign for the future of The X-Files.

And now a smattering of my notes for the episode:


  • Holy shit this guy sound like Tommy Wisseau in the ATV yelling at Mulder. Like, it’s not, but they keep shadowing his face so MAYBE? If it is I’d freak the fuck out

  • Seriously this guy sounds JUST like Tommy Wisseau and looks like an even greasier Donald Trump Jr. I DONT EVEN KNOW HIS NAME.

  • They found a QR code on a grave. Oh my.

  • Good god damn Mulder and Scully are just killing EVERYONE up in this bitch. Seriously, this is a HIGH body count for barely the second act of an episode of The X-Files.

  • EW GROSS SECURITY GUY “Maybe when you come back, you can repay the favor.” Mulder gave the “vomit” face but gosh, how dope if he had just punched the security guard right there. Would it blow their cover? Yes. Would it be awesome? YEP.

  • SO MUCH FIGHTING. When did Mulder and Sculy get so strong.

  • God I love Barbara Hershey, she is just the best.

  • Ooo this is a nice little maybe arc for the season with that cliffhanger there! Seriosuly, I got chills. Good job X Files, that was some classic Chris Carter spookiness. Scariest moment of the show in a decade!


Jacob Trussell