BREAKING: Scream The Video Game In Development

It's an exciting night to be a horror fan!

Fans of the Scream films love to hate on the Scream MTV TV show because it is skewed for a younger high school credit (also known as the films target audience), but with a millenial embellishment on the Ghostface saga the series found a rather fun way to stretch a slasher film into an episodic format.

But what are they going to do about Scream: The Video Game?

Coming on to our radars tonight we have word that a Scream episodic anthology video game is in development to be released in 2021. The lead developer Brandon David Santos recently gave an interview with Keen Gamer where he gave some juicy little tidbits about the game:

On his inspirations:
"As a lifelong fan of the late Wes Craven, I wanted to do something in memory of him; something that he would've wanted."

On the single player campaign:
"The game is meant to psychologically profile you and get to know you better. That way it knows who you really are. The story and choices within the game can change drastically based on your psyche. In other words, the game will play you more than you play it. We were inspired by Silent Hill to incorporate this feature into our game."

On the multiplayer component:
"Asymmetrical, similar to other horror games. Scream Online is what we like to call it. It comes in two parts: "Play With Strangers" (public match) and "Die With Friends". (private party). Actions in single player will affect the gameplay in multiplayer, and vice versa. We intend this to play out similar to how it does in AAA games, such as Grand Theft Auto or Fallout, where the player(s) can no longer enter or visit certain locations."

With the recent success of episodic games like Tell Tales The Walking Dead and my personal favorite, the incredibly moving Life is Strange this is a smart move than making yet another slash and run game like the (still fun!) Friday the 13th and (less fun) Dead by Daylight. What I find though most intriguing is the "psychological" aspect of the game that is giving me some major deja vu to the incredible Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick written Until Dawn

The game is a long ways away, but hey! Indie video games take a long time to develop, and if we want this property to be as bad ass as the films then we got to give the team their time. It's never to early to tell people about your wonderful idea! And whenever we hear, we'll be sure to let you know!

Jacob Trussell