This Is Not A Drill!: TALES FROM THE HOOD Sequel In Early Pre-Production!


When I first saw Tales from the Hood, I was around seven and my parents rented it from Blockbuster. They weren't hippies by any means and despite my genetic makeup to look like "The Dude" later in life, were not extreme people...but they sure exposed us to a lot of crazy movies. Thanks mom and dad! Seriously, Im here in Brooklyn writing this because of an old recordable VHS taped off of local channel 33 of The Thing by John Carpenter. But I digress. They loved David Allen Grier, who doesn't, and I can only assume he was the primary reason for the rental. Now I did NOT remember most of this movie, but I did remember the pile of skin that once was DAG's abusive father. Shit like that STAYS with you. And I loved every second of it. Flashforward to maybe two years ago when I decide to watch it again for the very first time, and lo and behold I was treated to the post poignant and necessary horror film to be made in the wake of the Rodney King beating and the LA Riots. My mind was blown, every tale hitting it out of the park unlike any anthology I had seen before. Even the revered Creepshow has one or two weaker links (Though I am #RIDEORDIE for Jody Verrill), but Hood, which I'll argue is the spiritual fourth film in the series that Romero and King started, quite literally took my breath away. The news that a sequel is in the works did the same thing.

Bloody Disgusting just reported today, January 5th, via a now deleted Tweet from Rusty Cundieff, director of the original Tales from the Hood, that he was currently location scouting for a sequel!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 7.38.11 PM.png

Holy. Fuck. YAS KWEEN.

But I digress again. It looks like Mr. Cundieff maybe wasn't supposed to let that little cat screaming out of the bag just yet as the BD coverage has seemingly made it go as viral as something like a Tales from the Hood sequel can at this point! 

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 7.38.25 PM.png

So with one more emphatic YAAAAAAAS I will just sit back and let the fact that we will see hopefully in the near future a Tales from the Hood sequel. And with whats happening on our streets still today, it couldn't come soon enough! In the mean time check out the trailer for the original below and pick up the exceptional 2017 Scream Factory release on Blu!