[31 Days of Halloween] Day 10: Favorite Mask



Hannibal Lecter. Terrifyingly simple and absolutely vicious, Hannibal Lecter’s mask is effective because it allows you to see the monstrous, clever eyes behind the killer, but covers what is ultimately the most violent part of him. Remember, Hannibal wants to eat you, and if you somehow forget, the three, thin, simple steel bars placed directly over his mouth remind you that only the mask protects you from his desire to chew your flesh. - Mary Morris


I’ve gotta go with the Peachfuzz mask that Josef dons in the fantastic Patrick Brice film Creep (2014). The absurdity of a giant, fuzzy wolf mask is so startling and although it should be silly, Mark Duplass succeeds in making it actually terrifying and unsettling AF. - Megan Casady


Michael Myers in Halloween(1978). Anyone who knows me already knows this one and it's obvious from how many years I've spent yelling from the rooftops about how much I adore Halloween. Not only the greatest horror film of all time, but damn it, it's the best film ever made and for good reason. 

One of the reasons I adore John Carpenter's classic, is how it STILL scares the living hell out of me. 

From the very first time I saw MIchael Myer's standing across the street while Laurie Strode was in class, I was and still am on the edge of my seat in fear. It STILL scares me and there's something so eerie about a murderous deviant stalking babysitters while wearing an almost faceless mask. Ugh, now I pee'd myself. Thanks guys. - Jerry Smith


Peachfuzz has one of my favorite masks. Creep’s premise is far too close to something that can really happen, and that makes Peachfuzz a wild creation. I tend to gravitate towards lycanthropes, so it really doesn’t surprise me that Peachfuzz is one of my favorites. – Rachael Hauschild


Michael Myers. I mean, come on. Although, I will give a consolation prize to Sam in Trick ‘r Treat. Mike Vlastnik


In the creepiness department, few masks can compete with that of Dr. Decker’s from Nightbreed. The button eyes, the zippered mouth, and the way the taut material looks like pulled skin over his skull – it all gives this mask a gruesome homemade quality, not unlike that of Leatherface. There is also a creepiness in the imperfections, like the way the mouth is at an angle or the lack of nose holes. And if the mask is only as scary as the man wearing it, then this one wins because Decker is one scary guy. – Michele Eggen


You're Next, the animal masks. I loved the entire marketing campaign for this, the idea that they were animals who were hunting their prey. I'm a sucker for good home invasion films, they're the only genre that really scares me, and I have screen-accurate replicas of the three Animals hanging on my wall at home. – Amanda Rebholz


I’ve got the damn guy tattooed to my leg. Ghostface from Scream is my all time fave. It seems so basic, so costume shape, never changing, no emoting. But that long drawn mouth, those emotionless eyes that betray all emotion, the hyper-exaggerated human features that are completely inhuman. It never lets you down.