OPINION: PET SEMATARY Looks Awesome, Stop Complaining About Remakes

Oh, the remake.

Perhaps the word that creates the most polarizing reaction among fans. It’s always different. Some people blanket hate them. Some people have a nostalgic calling for the original and start off disliking the new product, no matter what. Others will gripe about how creative directors and talented screenwriters and Hollywood in general should be focusing on creating original content.

I’m here to tell you something: I fucking love remakes.


For the same reason I love covers of songs, why I love comic books, why I love anthology series. I absolutely enjoy the hell out of seeing a different interpretation of art I know I love. I’m fascinated by it. Is it always amazing? No. Weezer’s cover of “Africa” by Toto really does it for me whereas the pop punk one hit wonder Framing Hanley version of “Lollipop” is a song I only play ironically at parties, but Framing Hanley hasn’t made me give up on covers. Jim Lee has drawn the most beautiful Batman I’ve ever seen, Miller the grittiest, Moench the most horrific. I love all of these artist renditions of the Caped Crusader and still would love to see Ryan Ottley’s version of him. I might not even like it but I want to see it.

Here is what a remake does. It opens the story up to a group of people who may have never seen the original. Yes, I enjoy Pet Sematary, and do I think it NEEDS a remake? Not really. My thirteen year old niece, on the other hand, who is starting to enjoy horror has never even heard of the original. Now she gets to see the trailer for this, hear that it’s a remake, and find the old film.

Yes, I think Widmyer and Kolsch are super talented and visionary directors. I want to see more original weirdness from them. Whether this is a cash grab from Paramount or not, they at least had the wherewithal to tap a dynamic duo (call back!) to helm the project. That shows that they’re at least investing SOME time and thought into it. So you want to see more from them?!

THEN HOPE THIS SUCCEEDS. Whether or not you agree with how Hollywood operates, it works a certain way, and you’re not changing that any time soon. So support this film so studios can look at it and feel confident with giving Widmyer and Kolsch the money they need to fund a new original film.

Anyway. This movie looks awesome. I hope you are at least excited about it. We’ll see how it ends up but BE EXCITED. TWO DIRECTORS, ONE JOHN LITHGOW, MORE STEPHEN KING ON SCREEN.