[31 Days of Halloween] Day 12: Favorite Slasher Icon



I’ve always been a Jason girl. He is the one that most reminds me of the classic Universal monsters with his personality characteristics and the audience’s ability to sympathize with him. At the same time, he is also a completely modern, badass killer who doesn’t seem to have to do that much to be as iconic as he is. His look evolves and gets cooler over the course of the films, and he’s responsible for some of the best deaths in the genre. – Michele Eggen


Jason Voorhees. I'm a Jason girl, what can I say? I also hate when a franchise messes with a character's established backstory or canon just to boost sales or something. Jason is one of the few icons who has stayed consistent, and I just pretend "Jason Goes to Hell" didn't happen. I love that he's a juggernaut who will use anything from a machete to his bare hands to a can of toxic waste to demolish you. He'll even punch your head off in a fight. But he doesn't need gimmicks or sassy one-liners, and he won't stop coming for you until you're hanging from a tree for your friends to find. Gotta admire that tenacity! He's a special boy. Never mind that if his mom had just put floaties on her special-needs kid when he went swimming, she could've saved us all a lot of heartache and about two hundred young lives. – Amanda Rebholz


Norman Bates is my guy. There’s something alluring about him that I’ve always been drawn to, even if he does have some serious mommy issues. I love the original film, but the recent A&E series Bates Motel, which I highly recommend, had me fall for him all over again. 

***Disclaimer: I’m not actually in love with a psychotic serial killer. - Megan Casady


Freddy Krueger has always held a special place in my horror heart. As a kid, he terrified me with his burnt, scarred face and his knives-as-fingers claws. But it’s his inevitably that was the scariest thing for me. Every human must sleep, and when you do, Freddy is the king of your dreams. Your nightmares are his domain and he has control. He knows what scares and embarrasses you, and he can suck you into a waterbed and spit you back out. I mean, come on, this guy is a badass. - Mary Morris


I love Michael and I adore Ghostface but Freddy is my go-to for slasher fun. The look, the garbs, the gab. He’s just the best in the biz. Michael may know how to stalk but my boy Fred is doing that in the place you CAN’T escape: your dreams. Jason is a bulky dude who keeps coming back for more but Freddy can be ANY dude and is pretty much immortal. The creativity, wit as sharp as his gloves, he’s just always a good time. - Ryan Larson