Review: Short Film MIKUS Uses Childhood Nostalgia For Terror

Just last week I was looking for my sketchbook when I found my 2nd grade copybook from grade school. Random drawings and practice writing littered the pages and I laughed looking through each page. Being born in October, I was always drawn to anything related to the fall season and Halloween in heneral. I found writings saying how I loved the season of October because of “trik or treating”, or that a “honted” house is scary. Clearly I was a whiz at spelling.

The best piece of writing that I found was one that got a lot of my friends on social media questioning my sanity. It read, in my wonderful spelling:

“I ate a carot.
I am eight years old.
Come here Jesica

I can hear you.”

Now, I have no idea who Jessica is. Was she my imaginary friend? Was she an actual friend? I couldn’t even begin to tell you. All I know is that I was, as it seems, always attracted to mysterious and dark things. Sorry Jessica.

There is a reason for this story, trust me.

I went onto Twitter and saw I had a DM from Todd Spence. A new Halloween short film for me to watch! Score! I clicked on the link which lead me to YouTube for a short entitled Mikus. Right off the bat, I was freaking out because the tagline to the short is “Your childhood is a dangerous thing to forget.” I just had this happen to me. My childhood came back to me in the form of written word and it freaked me out but also everyone I shared it with. This short couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

Mikus is about a man who finds a box of childhood memories. One of the contents was this life sized drawing of a purple human with large eyes and a wide open mouth. But what happens when your creepy childhood returns? Mikus continues being taped to the wall each time he falls forward, bending at the neck. An uneasiness settles in the room until a jump scare happens that you’re not prepared for.

What‘s great about Mikus is that Todd Spence, Zak White and company fulfilled what needs to be said in just under 4 minutes. This is why shorts are so fascinating to me. Mikus is no different. While watching, you’re filled with nostalgia while fear lingers in the background and takes over by end credits.

Mikus is a perfect addition to anyone’s Halloween watching season. Your childhood is back and it’s ready to cause some damage. To watch Mikus, click here.