[31 Days of Halloween] Day 13: Favorite Final Girl



If I’m going with a classic pick, it’s Laurie Strode - especially with the anticipated ass beating we’re all expecting her to deliver in the new film later this month. However, I’d like to also give an honorable mention to my favorite modern final girl, Erin (Sharni Vinson) in You’re Next (2011). If you haven’t seen the film, you must. If you have, you know why Erin’s bad-assery is worth noting. - Megan Casady


I love so many of the final girls but come on, it’s Sidney all the way. We have the final girl that defies the grandaddy of the tropes: she has sex. Not only that…she has sex with THE KILLER. She is fragile yet bold, vulnerable but never weak, even if we didn’t have a complete arc with her through four films, the story we follow with her in just the inaugural entry of the series is enough to cement SIdney Prescott as one of the most premiere and legendary final girls. - Ryan Larson


The queen of all final girls is Laurie Strode, however; my favorite one is Sharni Vinson in You’re Next. She is undeniably powerful, smart, and is barely afraid of anything. I love everything about her! – Rachael Hauschild


Laurie Strode. She’s the prototype, she’s the icon, she is the Joe Montana of final girls. Capable, competent, intelligent, and tough as nails. – Mike Vlastnik


A final girl means a lot of different things to me. Sometimes she is just that one cool character that you like more than anybody else, someone you could see yourself being drawn to in real life. Kyle from Child’s Play 2 is that character for me. She’s a character who has had a tough life but doesn’t let it affect her confidence or compassion. She fights like hell for her foster brother Andy against Chucky, and has no problem trading jabs with the killer doll himself. Kyle has all the personality and strength of a great final girl. Also, she wears a cool motorcycle hat. – Michele Eggen


Erin (Sharni Vinson), the scrappy and clever heroine of You’re Next, o ne of my favorite home invasion movies of the last decade, is visiting her wealthy boyfriend’s family when a group of masked intruders break into their remote mansion and start picking them off one by one. As the body count rises and the motives become clear, it also becomes evident to the killers that Erin is a force to be reckoned with, and one they are completely unprepared to deal with. The film becomes a fun analogy for what happens when a rich and spoiled male underestimates a strong and independent woman, and it’s even more perfect in the current #metoo era. - Mary Morris


Sidney Prescott. I'm a proud champion of 90s horror, and Scream was a game-changer on so many levels. Sid was the only final girl to survive her entire franchise, and she actually developed in every film; she was never stuck in a rut and she was never, ever the damsel in distress. She was smart, funny, sexy, resourceful, and compassionate. Even though I hated Scream 4, I was glad to see her role in it; I saw the first Scream at a slumber party when I was ten and literally grew up with her films, and she has matured and grown into a fully-realized heroine in ways that many of the other iconic final girls never got to. Plus she faces a different villain each film and still wins; who else can say that? – Amanda Rebholz