[31 Days of Halloween] Day 15: Favorite Version of Dracula



Universal Monster Dracula version is what I have to go with. Bela Lugosi portrays Dracula with such mystery and dedication. Even though the rest of his career falters just a bit, he gave us one of the best renditions of Dracula. – Rachael Hauschild


I don’t think you can pick anyone other than Bela Lugosi. The man is a horror icon, a film legend, and a large part of why horror as a film genre was successful in the first place. Think of how few iconic film vampires there are, despite how prolific vampire movies have been. – Mike Vlastnik


I just can’t bear to say anybody else than Bela Lugosi. He did it first and he did it the best, with all the ones that came after trying to emulate him and not quite living up to it. His look is absolutely perfect and iconic, with the slicked back hair and those amazing eyes of his that he makes wonderful use of. Plus I love the way he speaks. Every line is said with such deliberation, and there is a strange yet mesmerizing cadence to it that I think only he could pull off. – Michele Eggen


Oh boy, I think I have to go against the grain here and say Gary Oldman. Lugosi is why I fell in love with monster movies but Oldman is who made me AFRAID of vampires. The transition from supernatural withered demon to sexy ass Londoner, the way he talks, the shadow dancing on the wall, it just works. - Ryan Larson


Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Francis Ford Coppola’s visually sumptuous film, explores the Victorian-era repression of sexual desire, and in particular the dangers inherent in the expression of female sexuality. The costumes and set design are simply amazing, and Gary Oldman is dangerous, sexy, and the kind of so-wrong-it’s-right that he makes a perfect Dracula. Some people found this a bit cheesy, but I found it a solid adaptation of a legendary gothic era novel in which every inch of every frame is beautiful to look at and, like Dracula himself, exudes dark sensuality. Fight me…- Mary Morris