[31 Days of Halloween] Day 16: Scariest Haunted House Movie



Poltergeist to this day stands as one of the scariest haunted house movies for me. Not even the film itself, but the behind the scenes rumors and eerie happenings with production are equally fascinating and terrifying. – Rachael Hauschild


I love haunted house movies, but I can’t remember being scared by any of them. I’ll say The Shining because it probably scared me the most as a kid, but I don’t really think it scared me. And I’m not trying to sound tough, there are a lot of weird things in that movie but having read the book first, and then seeing the movie (at an age way too young for that to be okay) the movie just didn’t really get me much. – Mike Vlastnik


One haunted house movie that I have not revisited since first watching it is The Legend of Hell House. Usually, I am all about the ghosts, but what set this film apart from so many others to me was just how violent the spirits in the house are. It definitely disturbed me, much like The Entity does. The Legend of Hell House does have quite a bizarre ending which helps a little bit by not being so realistic, but all the stuff before that really affected me for some reason. – Michele Eggen


I actually love Grave Encounters, though it's a haunted asylum. It was a well-done found footage film and despite its obviously low budget, it had some really effective moments. I do a lot of urban exploration and trespassing myself, so the idea of being trapped in a haunted location because hallways and doors suddenly disappear, etc. reminded me of the book House of Leaves and I really enjoyed this little indie gem. – Amanda Rebholz


I love me a good haunted house flick and you know what, I almost picked Thirteen Ghosts. The new one, just because I do think it’s a total blast. However, I have to say as far as scariest goes, The Conjuring spooked the hell out me, Wan proving himself a master of building tension and the jump scare. The big stuff is great but it’s all the little thing he does that will have you unsettled for days on end. - Ryan Larson


Remember the Alejandro Amenábar 2001 film The Others? I was about ten when it came out and it terrified me. I find it to be extremely underrated and one of the best spooky films of the early 2000s. I loved seeing Nicole Kidman wander around that spooky old house. Just thinking about it makes me feel like it’s time for a rewatch! - Megan Casady