Italian McBETTER Offers An Eccentric And Modern Retelling of Macbeth

I’m one of those people out there who loves seeing different interpretations of already famous stories. For instance, Romeo + Juliet was amazing, take a Shakesperean tragedy and placing it on the west coast in the 90’s. Brilliant.

I especially love taking something that’s already a little dark and really putting a horror spin on. That’s what Mattia De Pascali is looking to do with McBetter, an upcoming Italian giallo-esque version of the already witchy Macbeth. This trailer has all the right fonts and colors to get me interested. Check it out below and keep an eye out for it on DVD and blu ray in November.

Synopsis: McBetter is the new Macbeth. A modern-day tragedy where the main character wants to conquer a fast-food restaurant chain instead of the Kingdom of Scotland. The struggle for power takes place inside the wealthy businessman's mansion but, outside, a wild and destructive presence threatens the integrity of all humans. 

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