[31 Days of Halloween] Day 18 – Director with the Most Consistent Filmography

john ca.jpg

The Master of Horror himself has one of the most consistent filmographies. John Carpenter is a mastermind and not only is his filmography filled with gems, but his scores attached to each film are transcendently beautiful. – Rachael Hauschild

Romero? He made the same zombie series for 50 years. Eli Roth makes pointless torture porn all the time. Rob Zombie makes over the top love letters to 70’s horror and over does it every time. Those 3 for sure as far as consistency in what they’re making. – Mike Vlaz

I think it’s safe to say that John Carpenter has a filmography that is almost untouchable. His horror, as well as his non-horror, outings are some of the biggest classics of all time. Just think: how many people do you know, or have you seen, who have said that The Thing is their favorite movie ever? Even if he’s doing a movie that is a completely different style or tone than what he’s done before, you can still tell it was made by him. You can also always recognize a John Carpenter score, which helps create that through-line with all his films. – Michele Eggen

I’m a huge Flanagan fan. I think he delivers every time and I’m always excited to hear he’s working on something new. He’s definitely one of my favorite current filmmakers and if you haven’t checked out his growing resume of work, have yourself a little Mike Flanagan movie night. - Megan Casady

For me, it’s got to be Stuart Gordon. While I’d cite Re-Animator and From Beyond as his only bona fide classics, I don’t think he’s made a bad movie in his career and returning to each of them is always warm comfort food. Even his “lesser” efforts like Space Truckers are blasts, and if you traverse his filmography you’ll find some gems there just waiting to be rediscovered. - Kieran Fisher