[31 Days of Halloween] Day 2: Best Horror Of The 80's



There are a million answers to this question! I think I have to cheat, there’s no way around it. The best 80’s horror movie to spawn a franchise is Nightmare on Elm Street without a doubt. But I have to give some love to The Serpent and the Rainbow because it’s super unique and always stands out in my mind. - Mike Vlastnik


Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers is my choice and it's a doozy. There's something so entertaining and enthralling about Dwight H. Little's approach to the series and Halloween 4 features my favorite moment in the entire Halloween series: when Loomis, standing in the diner/gas station, begs Michael to leave the residents of Haddonfield alone and to take him instead. So very good. - Jerry Smith


The best horror film of the 80’s and my personal favorite is, hands down, Poltergeist (1982). Every time I sit down to watch this masterpiece (at least once a year), I think to myself, “they just don’t make them like this anymore.” Poltergeist manages to have all the charm of an Amblin Entertainment picture (although it is actually an MGM/SLM Production Group film) while being scary as hell. Its iconic score, stellar cast, and high production quality make it easy to watch and perfect for movie night. Any time I find out someone I know hasn’t seen it, I’m all too eager to sit them down to watch my favorite horror film. - Megan Casady


I'm going to say The Thing simply because it's my favorite horror movie of all time and I cannot imagine the way it would have impacted an audience in 1982. No one had ever seen special FX the likes of which Rob Bottin was churning out; the original short story 'Who Goes There?' is fantastic if you haven't read it, but between the performance of Kurt Russell, the flawless makeup design of the creatures, the ominous score and masterful directing by Carpenter, and the one of the most tense, paranoia-inducing claustrophobic vibe conveyed in film, The Thing was the epitome of 80’s glory to me. Others may take the cake for being campy or embracing the era more (see also Night of the Demons or Return of the Living Dead) but for me, this is as good as it gets even almost 40 years later. - Amanda Rebholz


I’m a huge fan of slashers so the eighties is ripe for the picking, alas, a slasher is not my pick. John Carpenter has created, in my opinion, the best slasher of all time, the best ghost story of all time and the best science fiction horror of all time. I love Alien and Predator but nothing is quite as perfect as The Thing. The visual effects, Kurt Russell looking damn good in a parka, quotes for ever and just one of the most tense, intriguing and fun films to ever be made. The Thing is one of the most beloved films of all time and I STILL think it’s underrated. - Ryan Larson