[31 Days of Halloween] Day 19 – Director Who Has Never Done a Horror Film, But You Would Love to See Do One

I truly want to see a horror movie directed by Ava Duvernay. I think she has it in her to do SO MUCH and I really want to see her just unload it for a horror movie. – Rachael Hauschild

Shane Black. He pioneered action movies but he balances dark subject matter and humor so well that I want to see him turn that into some really, really dark shit. I know he has The Predator coming out but that’s an action franchise and it will be an action movie. I’d like to see his take on a modern-day slasher/serial killer flick. – Mike Vlaz

Martin Scorsese, perhaps? Shutter Island was probably the closest he’s done to horror, but I’d really love to see him go all out with it. His mob movies like GoodFellas and Casino have that really raw violence and gore, and Shutter Island and Cape Fear have the mood and the atmosphere, so if he could bring those together, I think he’d make something really cool. – Michele Eggen