[31 Days of Halloween] Day 23: Favorite Sub-genre of Horror



Can we label Larry Fessenden as a horror sub-genre? Well I’m going to today. I will watch whatever he helps create, or cameos in. If he has a hand in the movie then you know it’s for me. He’s one of the best! – Rachael Hauschild


I’d have to say haunted house or possession, due to their potential for having the most ‘real world’ feel. Weirdly though I don’t think most of my favorite movies fall into those sub-genres. – Mike Vlastnik


My favorite sub-genre is anything having to do with ghosts or the supernatural. Give me a good haunted house movie with objects moving around on their own, or strange sounds in the night, and I’m a happy camper. In that kind of scenario, there is a lot of room to play around and get real scares from me - which honestly isn’t that hard because it’s the only thing about the horror genre that would genuinely scare me if it were to really happen. It is that fear of the unknown that lies at the core of films in this sub-genre that I both hate and love, because I know I would be totally powerless against it. – Michele Eggen


Invasion films. From The Strangers to Vacancy, and The Purge to You're Next, I love them all. They're one of the only things that genuinely frightens me in a movie, the idea of someone being in my house without permission and that there's nowhere to go because my 'safe space' has been compromised. When you're a kid playing tag you learn that they can't 'get' you if you make it home free; in these movies, home base is a death sentence and they most certainly CAN get you. – Amanda Rebholz


Slashers. Every day. Slashers. Give me the tropes. Give me the stereotypes. Give me the meta recreations of said tropes and stereotypes. I love a group of teenagers being picked off in inventive ways with creative weapons from bad ass looking killers. Plus, there’s so many of them! From Halloween to Scream, from I Know What You Did Last Summer to Night School, the slasher is the genre of the day, every day. - Ryan Larson