[31 Days of Halloween] Day 24: Best Horror Movie of the 90's

Best Horror Movie of the 90’s


In terms of defining the decade, there is really no other answer than Scream. It was just the right kind of horror film that we needed at the time, and everybody knows what a huge impact it had. Though I’d always had a love of the genre, Scream is the one that really solidified it for me. It was the perfect gateway movie, teaching me more about the genre than I had ever thought of before, and forcing to dig deeper and seek out all the films that were its influences. But I’m also not going to leave this query without also mentioning Candyman! Brilliance. – Michele Eggen


If any of my fellow editors give any answer other than The Blair Witch Project than I don’t even know what we’re doing here. The brilliance of that film, from making it to marketing it, was just amazing. It created the found footage genre, gave horror a fresh new flavor and made people think it was real. Not since War of the Worlds did a scary story trick the public so completely. This movie is genius. – Mike Vlastnik


Urban Legend. One of the most original, fun premises I remember seeing in a teen slasher (and this was an era of fantastic ones!) with a young, bright, star-studded cast, creative and awesome deaths, and so many meta nods in that way that was gaining popularity in the 90s. It was a hip, great flick very reminiscent of its time. It was also the first time we saw Danielle Harris as an adult in this vein; she resurfaced as an uber-hot goth roommate being nailed doggy-style while blasting industrial rock music and it was a jarring, beautiful segue into the adult Danielle who has gone on to rebrand herself not as the cute, sweet little girl from the Halloween films but as a savage femme fatale final girl to be reckoned with. – Amanda Rebholz


Scream is one of my favorite horror movies, period, as it both celebrates and pokes fun at the horror genre in the best way, but I feel like it’s impossible to talk about 90’s horror without an enormous shout out to The Blair Witch Project. Aside from making me truly, heart-poundingly scared, (and forever more fearful of camping trips), it jump started both creative viral marketing campaigns and the horror sub-genre of found-footage. No one can say it’s a genre that’s not been a little overdone at this point, but it’s also given us some really great entries (Paranormal Activity, Lake Mungo, REC, and yeesh...the “Safe Haven” segment of V/H/S/2). It’s success offered a low-budget filmmaking option to talented artists the world over, and the genre would not have been the same without it. - Mary Morris


Don’t you know me at all? It’s fucking Scream. - Ryan Larson