[31 Days of Halloween] Day 27: Favorite Anthology

Favorite Anthology


Tales from the Darkside is one of the most fun anthologies. The Lovers Vow short is by far the best one of the bunch. It has a great cast along with it for each segment. It’s an anthology that is easy to rewatch. – Rachael Hauschild


Gotta go with Trick ‘r Treat for sure. That movie totally took me by surprise and was just awesome. – Mike Vlastnik


I think the original Tales from the Crypt film from 1972 still remains my favorite anthology. It’s hard to pick over other great ones like Creepshow or Trick ‘r Treat, but I just love that Amicus vibe so much. It has one of the most famous anthology segments ever (“…And All Through the House”) and an amazing cast of 70’s actors that bring equal parts campy and scary to each of their segments. My personal favorite among the bunch is “Blind Alleys,” a story with one of the most wickedly satisfying endings I’ve ever seen. – Michele Eggen


Creepshow 2, hands down. So many fantastic segments, strong casts, and unforgettable moments; this is truly the shining work of some of the genre's genius at work and it will always hold a special place in my heart. – Amanda Rebholz


I love anthologies, they’re perhaps one of my favorites, so it’s a bit of tough choice but I have to go with Trick ‘r Treat. It floored me from the second I saw it, after years of waiting, and it’s now an annual staple.


Twilight Zone the Movie is a total treat for any fan of essential 80’s directors. The film is a remake of four classic Twilight Zone episodes by directors John Landis, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, and George Miller. Although the first half’s entries by Landis and Spielberg stall a bit, (but are still above average), the second half is where the movie really shines, with Dante and Miller bringing in my favorite segments. Dante remakes “It’s a Good Life,” the surreal tale of a boy who can bend reality, with his famous dark humor, and Miller, of Mad Max fame, helms “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” the claustrophobic tale of a man who is the only airline passenger to see a “gremlin” tearing the plane apart as it passes through a terrible storm. Honorable Mention - Creepshow, which made me afraid to kill cockroaches for almost five years out of fear of their collective vengeance.