[31 Days of Halloween] Day 28: Favorite When Animals Attack

Favorite “When Animals Attack”


The horror movie that scared me the most, Jaws, Spielberg’s masterfully helmed tale of a great white shark run amok in a coastal town, which, like other GG contributors, (shout out to Amanda), made me afraid to swim even in pools for a good three years, and still makes me wary of the ocean. - Mary Morris


I mean, can it get any more terrifying than watching Jaws? Clearly the size of the shark is a little much, but there is no denying that that movie hasn’t put fear in people’s minds when they go to the beach. Jaws is the reason I don’t go in the ocean, well that and the fact that the color of the Jersey shore is very undesirable. – Rachael Hauschild


It is really hard to answer this question without saying Jaws of course, and then the next logical answer is Cujo but I think, purely for sentimental nostalgic value, I have to go with Lake Placid. It’s cheesy and dumb and over the top, just like horror should be. – Mike Vlastnik


The short answer for this is “all of them”! The animals run amok subgenre is probably my second favorite after ghosts just because they are so much dang fun! But if I had to pick, my personal favorite and one that I never get tired of revisiting is Deep Blue Sea. The movie tries to be smart and sophisticated, and yet at the same time knows exactly what it is and what we want to see from it. And boy, does it deliver. It’s funny, it’s gory, it’s action-filled and non-stop from start to finish. I love everything about this movie. – Michele Eggen


I know I’m a broken record here but Jaws. Duh. It’s my second favorite movie ever and I personally think it’s the best movie ever made. I still can’t swim in any body of water much bigger than a lake. It made me fall in love with horror, cinema, Spielberg, the whole deal. - Ryan Larson