[31 Days of Halloween] Day 3: Favorite Universal Monster



This was a tough one because I’m so in love with the Universal Monsters that I never really thought of who I love most. I’m going to have to go with my girl, Elsa Lanchester, as the Bride of Frankenstein. Representing the women an otherwise full male lineup. Her look, her presence, it’s all so eerily amazing. - Rachael Hauschild


Creature from the Black Lagoon, obviously. But Frankenstein’s Monster is super iconic. And Dracula is possibly THE horror monster. Wolfman is great though. I know, it’s the Deadly Mantis. - Mike Vlastnik


Strange as it may sound, my favorite Universal monster is also the most horrible one – the Invisible Man. I admittedly have not seen any of the sequels, but when I first saw the original Invisible Man, I was floored. Not only were the effects top-notch for the time, but I was fascinated with the character and all his complexities. The other Universal monsters are known for being more sympathetic, while this guy is a straight-up murderer. Yet still, there is a lot to unpack from the character and his power about humanity and morality, and that’s what draws me to him. - Michele Eggen


Dracula will always be my favorite, for many reasons. I can watch most takes on the character, but there's something about Bela Lugosi's performance that makes me smile from ear to ear, every single time I watch Dracula. - Jerry Smith


It’s gotta be Frankenstein’s Monster. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been drawn to the innocent nature of the sweet, yet misunderstood monster and I love the original 1931 film as much as I love the numerous, creative retellings of the story in its different incarnations throughout the years. From Mel Brooks’ hilarious parody, Young Frankenstein, to the sweet, monster-pup Frankenweenie (live-action short, 1984 and animated remake, 2012), to Rory Kinnear’s portrayal of “The Creature” in Penny Dreadful, The Monster will always be my first love. - Megan Casady


Would definitely have to be Dracula. Not only is he fucking suave as shit but the history behind the creation of vampires is fascinating and I love horror based on real life events. Dracula is an icon…a spooky legend. - Kayleen Rogers


The Creature is simply the best. The design is unbeatable, we’re here eighty years later still discussing how well it holds up, Rikou Browning’s work bringing the last addition of the classic stable of monster is haunting and powerful. The Creature is a wonderful amphibious King Kong surrogate who represents isolation, longing, and that one desperate desire for love that drives so many of us. - Ryan Larson