5 Comics To Pick Up On Halloween's New Comic Book Day

Happy Halloween! During the month of October, horror fans tend to move most of their focus to movies (guilty). However, we shouldn’t forget that there are some great horror comics out there. This month we saw Halloween specials for Army of Darkness, Betty Page, Red Sonja, Marvel Superhero Adventures, and more. Now you may be asking yourself, “Where is she going with this?” Well, I’ve rounded up 5 more Halloween/Horror themed comics that are releasing today! That’s right; you can get your horror comic fix on New Comic Book Day, which just so happens to fall on Halloween this year!

In addition to a few continuing series issues that released this week (Stranger Things #2 for example), there are 5 brand new horror comics this week.  These comics are from all sides of the series spectrum: one-shots, miniseries, and ongoing. So without further delay, here they are!


Wytches: Bad Egg Halloween Special- “BAD EGG” Serving as both a stand-alone story in the Wytches world and a prequel to the highly anticipated Wytches, VOL. 2, “BAD EGG” tells the story of Seb and Jackson—two innocent teenagers reared on opposite sides of the eternal struggle between good and evil. Sebastian’s mother is a member of “The Irons,” the most ruthless Wytch hunters in history, while Jackson’s family are “High Horn” Wytches. Can these two boys find friendship amidst this age-old blood feud, or are their fates already sealed? Collecting the entire IMAGE+ magazine run and, for the first time, the 13-page, pulse-pounding conclusion plus extra materials, Wytches: Bad Egg reunites the Eisner-award winning duo of Scott Snyder and Jock in a horror-filled romp just in time for Halloween!


Hex Wives- "The women are too powerful. They must be tamed." For hundreds of years a war has been waged between a coven of perpetually reincarnating witches and the all-male conspiracy known as the Architects. After the death of the lead Architect in 2005 it seemed the witches had finally defeated their foes. Now, 13 years later, waking up in a perfect cookie cutter home at the end of a cul-de-sac in a sunny corner of suburbia, Isadora has no recollection of her past life as the leader of a witch coven, nor her soulmate Nadiya, let alone the centuries-old war she has waged in defense of the soul of America...


Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror- Edgar Allan Poe mangles classic tales and brand new stories in this cross between Drunk History and Tales from the Crypt! First, meet AHOY's own alcohol-damaged version of Poe in "The Facts in The Case of M. Valdemar," adapted by Tom Peyer (Batman '66) and drawn by Fred Harper. Then: Sugary cereal meets vampirism in "Dark Chocolate," by writer Mark Russell (The Flintstones) and artist Peter Snejbjerg (Starman). EXTRA! Comics by Hunt Emerson, unsettling verse by Cienna Madrid illustrated by Carly Wright, and a cartoon by Shannon Wheeler!


Avengers Halloween Special- TRICK OR TREAT, TRUE BELIEVERS! PLUS! Spooky stories starring the X-Men & Doctor Doom! Epic thrills and ghastly horror awaits in these all-new twisted tales! Spanning the breadth of the Marvel Universe, through the macabre lens of a murderer's row of writers and artists assembled here, see your favorite heroes and villains as you've never seen them before!


Hatchet: Vengeance- Things die hard in the swamp. Victor Crowley's fury is unquenchable despite the rivers of blood beneath his terrible touch. But vengeance never dies. When a drug dealer father driven mad with grief seeks a voodoo priestess to end the beast that slaughtered his son, a new horror is unleashed on Honey Island Swamp and an unsuspecting group of criminals is caught in a bloody monster free-for-all! This is classic violent slasher horror at its best and bloodiest!

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on all of these! They will definitely make for some spooky and fun Halloween reading! Be sure to stop by your local comic shop tomorrow to pick up your copies! Snap a photo and tag Ghastly Grinning on social media along with the hashtag #MakeHorrorHappy. We’d love to see what you’re reading! Happy Halloween!

*Comic descriptions and cover images were taken from PreviewsWorld.com