[31 Days of Halloween] Day 4: Scariest Creature



The Thing itself is a terrifying creature. Not only do they create pinpoint clones of humanity, but the uproar that happens with other people around them is massive. People end up going crazy, questioning who is who, and potentially turning their backs on people they’ve known for awhile. It’s a complete terrifying concept. - Rachael Hauschild


You said ‘creature’ so I’m going to bypass the obvious answer of ‘people’ and say that doesn’t count. I think I’ve got to go with Shapeshifters, of any variety. Body Snatchers, The Thing, any time you end up in a situation where the very things and people around you, you can’t trust that they are who they say they are. Being able to see something, and still not know for sure what it is, that kind of uncertainty and anxiety is hard to beat. - Mike Vlastnik


I wouldn’t say they are the scariest, but my favorite creatures from any film are the Graboids from the Tremors movies. I guess in a way, they could be considered really scary when you think about their sheer size and power, and the quickness with which they can attack. Making them monsters that live under the ground really adds to the coolness of their mythos, and mostly I just love the design of the Graboids – that huge beaked mouth opening up to reveal those long, slimy tentacles. - Michele Eggen


The myth and legend of the Jersey Devil scares the hell out of 38 year old me just as much as it did to a much younger me, when originally being told about it. I live for scare legends and the Jersey Devil is a notorious one to keep you up at night. - Jerry Smith


This is a tough one because there have been so many incredible and terrifying monsters throughout the years, but I’m going to have to take it back to the first creature I remember scaring the living daylights out of me - the General Spider from Arachnophobia (1990). I was just a young, impressionable child and that giant spider left a lasting impression that helped plant the seed for a lifetime of my own personal arachnophobia. - Megan Casady


I didn’t even realize it until I was sitting in a movie theater watching Paranormal Activity. I was all fine and dandy until they said it: “demon.” It triggered something deep inside of me, most likely from being raised in a religious household and constantly having people tell me that demons are the source of all evil in the world. Suddenly, a flood of demon movies hit and for some reason, it struck a horrific chord in me. It only got worse from there: The Conjuring, The Nun, Sinister, it was a slew of shit that terrified me. They’re anywhere, everywhere, everyone. - Ryan Larson


Call me crazy bit add as many special effects to your monster as you want, nothing will ever be as scary as monster you can’t even see…except for the red faced demon from Insidious. I think the combination of his jack-in-the-box popping out everywhere, the sound of his nails clacking together and the way he crawls around just isn’t okay. It’s fucked up. - Kayleen Rogers