[31 Days of Horror] Day 6: Horror Movie You Loved Most As A Kid



I adored The Lost Boys. I’ll never forget my mom showing it to me for the first time, I was hooked. It was one I’d rewatch weekend after weekend and it’s still one of my favorite 80s throwbacks. Kiefer Sutherland working that bad boy look is solely responsible for my love of vampires. You can keep the Cullens, my heart belongs to the Lost Boys of Santa Carla. - Megan Casady


An American Werewolf in London was one of my first horror movies and to this day I adore it and never get tired of it when I watch it. My dad introduced me to horror movies and I couldn’t be happier that this was one of my first ones. – Rachael Hauschild


Probably, if we’re talking about actual childhood, Gremlins. As an adult I wouldn’t consider it horror and it never really scared me but as a kid I loved it. Safe bet it’s the first horror movie I re-watched multiple times. – Mike Vlastnik


I watched a lot of the same movies over and over again as a kid, and one of those that was on constant replay at sleepovers especially was Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers. I know. It’s not a kids movie at all. Though my parents weren’t all that restrictive about what I watched, this one still felt kind of taboo with the nudity and swearing. At the same time, it was more accessible because there was an obvious sense of humor throughout the whole thing so that there was really nothing to be scared of. It was just a fun ride for us to watch, and really helped shape my love and appreciation for all the genre had to offer. – Michele Eggen


The First Power. Occult horror is my specialty and who WOULDN'T be stoked on Lou Diamond Phillips as a cop, trying to hunt down a serial killer (played excellently by Jeff Kober), who, with the help of the devil, can jump from body to body?! It's pure gold and contrary to what the always awesome Ryan Turek says, it holds up very well. – Jerry Smith


I was addicted to Little Monsters and wore out a VHS copy of it. I had seen tons of horror movies and used to convince my mom to rent them for me every single weekend at Blockbuster. I had a VCR in my room and she would let me sequester myself to devour whatever I'd picked. I had seen many monsters, therefore, but I had never seen a punk rock monster with a leather jacket and a smart mouth, a monster who lived in an underworld that seemed pretty damned awesome. When I got older and saw Nightbreed I realized that I just always loved the idea of some other dimension where the monsters reigned supreme, and their lives seemed way more fun and interesting than our own. Little Monsters is the perfect 80s kid/YA horror film, complete with crude humor, the Savage brothers, a montage of booby traps, and awesome practical FX leading to the final showdown. In the 80s, for kids anyway, monsters were friends, not foes, and this movie embraced it wholeheartedly. – Amanda Rebholz


Growing up, my mom wouldn’t let me watch new horror movies. They “weren’t appropriate.” She did compromise though, I was allowed to watch old horror movies, Universal era stuff. So I may have been a nineties kid but I grew up with straight 30’s era horror. While later in life I would go on to become a huge fan of The Creature from the Black Lagoon, what I grew up with was hours upon hours of Bela Lugosi as The Count. I was Dracula two years in a row for Halloween, the first comic book I ever read was X-men vs. Dracula. Fangs up, I was a Drac Pack kid.