[31 Days of Halloween] Day 7: First Horror Movie That Scared You



Truthfully if we’re going really young it’s got to be We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story, and I won’t take anyone else’s opinion on that. It was terrifying to me and Professor Screweyes messed me up as a kid. As I got more into horror, Hellraiser was the first one to send chills up my spine. Pinhead is a thing of nightmares and the Cenobites aren’t far from it as well. – Rachael Hauschild


The movie that scared the ever loving piss out of me and would create an illogical fear within me that would last…literally forever. Jaws. I was four years old and my mom was getting my brother ready to go while Jaws play on TNT. The movie ends and I’m pretty much traumatized and that trauma was galvanized when my mother looks at me and says “come on, get ready! We’re going to the lake!” - Ryan Larson


My parents weren’t really into horror movies, though my Mom was a big Stephen King reader, so it’s hard to remember watching scary movies when I was really young. I do distinctly remember being scared while watching The Ghost and the Darkness and I don’t think that’s even horror. And I was at least 10 so now I just sound lame. – Mike Vlastnik

Anyone who knows me knows the answer to this question – Child’s Play! And this is actually part of the reason why Child’s Play is my favorite horror film of all time. Nothing from any horror movie, when I was a kid or now, has scared me as much as Chucky did. He is the only thing to ever give me recurring nightmares – of Chucky trying to kill me and me fighting him, of him coming into my room at night or hiding under my bed. I think Chucky taught me what it was to be really scared, and I have to admit that I kind of love him for it. – Michele Eggen


Jaws. My grandparents had an above-ground swimming pool, maybe ten feet across and five feet deep. I was positive that a Great White was swimming just beneath where my toes could reach. I would be treading water, around six or seven years old, my grandma sitting at the edge of the pool reading a Harlequin novel, and I would just think of that sleek gray body moving under my floaty like I was Alex Kintner, and my entire body would break out in goosebumps and I'd find a reason to hop out to go get a drink or a snack. That movie is still one of my all-time favorites and I even have a tattoo for it, but I will never forget that lingering conviction that I could be eaten by a shark at any time if I let my guard down. – Amanda Rebholz


It may not be the first, but the one that immediately comes to mind and scared me most frequently is The Ring (2002). I remember one night a friend was staying over and we kept hearing this scratching sound on the wall. I was completely convinced it was Samara scratching her way up the well, coming to whisper “Seven days...” in our ears. It turned out it was just the cat, but we sure were spooked!