[31 Days of Horror] Day 9: Horror Movie You Have Not Revisited But Want To



Possession. I have not revisited this since the first day I saw it. I plan to revisit it this Halloween season. It is an unbelievable film though regardless how many times you’ve seen it. – Rachael Hauschild


Can I just say Japanese horror films in general? When we were getting all the American remakes of Japanese horror movies (The Ring/Ringu etc.) I always wanted to revisit all the originals. I know I’ve seen many but not all and I get the two versions confused all the time. – Mike Vlastnik


I have still only seen Pieces once. It’s a special movie that I think requires it to be seen under special circumstances – when I’m with a group of people, or just in a really crazy, silly mood – so I’ve been waiting for that opportunity to come up again. Hopefully I’ll find a friend who hasn’t seen it yet, and I’ll be the one to introduce him or her to its wackiness. – Michele Eggen


Is this treasonous to say…but…Night of the Living Dead. The original zombie flick, the master class film from George Romero himself. I saw it once and loved it and I’ve just been waiting to see it again. After Romero passed, I was planning a Romero marathon and I think it’s past time to actually make it happen. - Ryan Larson


I’ve been automatonophobic (phobia of human-like figures, not limited to, but including dolls and dummies) my whole life. So, when I saw Child’s Play (1988) for the first time when I was just a kid, it terrified me to say the least and I vowed never to watch a Chucky film again. However, I have friends who adore the series (looking at you, Michele Eggen!) and with the recent 2017 addition (Cult of Chucky) and a new installment coming later this month (Revenge of Chucky), my curiosity has been piqued. I think it may be time to face my fears and see howChild’s Play affects me as an adult.  - Megan Casady