Christopher Smith Returns to Horror After Eight Years With THE BANISHING

Back in 2004 Christopher Smith became a name to keep an eye on, when the London Underground set Creep was unleashed upon us; a mean and gruesome little film that made me want to never set foot in a subway station (sorry, tube station to you UK readers) again. A few years later he followed that up with the ultra violent and laugh out loud funny team-building-from-hell film Severance -- a film I once happily showed a couple of co-workers of mine, when they proposed a team-building trip for us (needless to say that didn’t happen) -- and three years later the mindfuckingly brilliant Triangle came out. If anyone out there still hasn’t seen that one I highly recommend that you track down a copy of it ASAP. After that he got into a time machine, set the date to the year 1348 and gave us the bleak and atmospheric Black Death, which is set in a plague-ridden medieval England; a film that also came to be Smith’s last work within the horror genre for some time to come.


It may have taken him eight long years, but I’m happy to say that he’s finally is on his way back to us!

Downton Abbey´s Jessica Brown Finlay and Sean Harris (Possum, Prometheus) leads the cast in the directors upcoming film The Banishing.

1936, England. Linus, his wife Marianne (Jessica Brown Finlay), and their daughter Adelaide move into town, where Linus has been posted as the new reverend. He’s been tasked by the Church to renew the villagers’ faith, which has been lost after the disturbing, unexplained deaths of the previous reverend’s family — at the very same mysterious manor where Linus and his family have settled into.

Soon after their arrival, strange events start to occur: ghostly voices, dark figures dressed as monks, mysterious totems, and Adelaide’s behaviour becoming stranger by the day. It soon becomes clear that a malicious entity seeks to possess Adelaide and that the Church is hiding a terrible secret…

As the menacing spirit grows stronger, Linus and Marianne have to confront their beliefs and enlist the help of Harry Reed (Sean Harris), a famous Occultist. Together, they must uncover the terrifying truth about their house and the paranormal force which inhabits it… and hope it isn’t already too late for Adelaide.

“Set against a backdrop of escalating tensions in Europe and the rise of fascism, The Banishing offers the perfect set up for a rich ghost story and ultimately a tale of possession,” Smith commented.

Principal photography began on November 5 in the UK and hopefully The Banishing will hit the big screen sometime next year.

Welcome back, Christopher. Yo'u’ve been missed.

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