LEPRECHAUN RETURNS Looks Awesome and We're Stoked On It

When you ask people about the greatest horror franchises in history, a lot of titles are suggested. Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scream, Hellraiser. There is an argument to be made for all of these. One storied franchise, however, will often be left out.

You know what? That’s fine. The Leprechaun series doesn’t compare to those franchises. I’m not going to sit her and tell you that it does, we’re a site based on positive content, not straight up lies. BUT, I will definitely argue that the series has always done it’s best to keep things fresh, exciting and entertaining as hell. From jumping our titular creature from Vegas to space and then to the hood, and even adventuring outside of well known territories and plunging deeper into the idea of a serious creature feature, the Leprechaun series is great because of it’s bold attempts at reinventing itself.

Well, now thanks to SyFy and director Steven Kostanski, we’re getting yet another look at the diminutive demon. That’s right, Leprechan Returns is dropping on the SyFy network on December 11th, and honestly, that’s not soon enough.

Kostanski and writer Suzanne Keilly (who wrote a particularly impressive episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead) have made what looks to be a fun and creative return to form for the murderous Irish folklore. A group of sorority girls tear down an old cabin to build a new sorority house but awaken an ancient evil in doing so. Here’s the twist: that cabin is the same wooden structure from the original Leprechaun film. That’s right. Kostanski and Keilly have gone straight up Halloween (2018) with it and made it a direct sequel to the FIRST film.

I can’t help but smile at that. It’s an enticing prospect. Keilly may have limited writing credits to her name but everything she’s done is smart and packed full of charm and Kostanski has proven himself with the truly unique The Void. Put these together and it honestly makes for one of the most interesting looking SyFy films to hit in years.

Check out the trailer below and keep your eyes open for our review when the film hits cable and VOD on December 11th of this year.